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Leftists Call For National Government of Unity

Opportunists on the left are using the current pandemic as an excuse to gain power.

Today, with Boris Johnson in intensive care, the country in lockdown, and the economy reportedly losing £2.4 Billion a day, those on the extreme left have seen the current crisis as an opportunity to seize power.

Sighting wartime unity governments as precedence, Ash Sarkar, a self proclaimed Communist and supporter of the Labour Party, appeared on Jeremy Vine’s mid-morning TV show on Channel 5 in the UK to air the idea again. Sarkar attempted to dress-up this attack on democracy as a ‘sensible’ idea based on what happened during the Second World War.

Sarkar couldn’t articulate how a Government of National Unity would be better than the current democratically elected government, or what the point of it would be. It would appear the only benefit would be to those few individuals who would be appointed to sit on such a government. There is really no comparison between a war 80 years ago and the current health crisis.

The idea of unelected Marxists being appointed to positions of power is nothing new, Extinction Rebellion founder Roger Hallam has called for ‘a People’s Assembly’ to deal with Climate Change, again, an obfuscated way of seizing power by unelected means.

Socialists and communists do not have any better insight into this, or any other crisis. The only people calling for a Unity Government are those on the left who failed to get power at the last election and would try any means they can, including a global pandemic and a prime minister in intensive care, to seize power.

"I'm Literally a Communist" - Ash Sarkar

Vision News Online 2020

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