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LANCET Report: Covid Vaccines INCREASE RISK of Heart-Attack DEATHS by Up to 50%

People are dying from the vaccine in huge numbers.

This study is the latest in a to report a shocking truth; that Covid vaccines are unsafe, with this latest finding revealing that heart attack in the vaccine group were up to 50% higher in the Vaccine group.

A preprint study in the Lancet has analysed the mortality data from the vaccine trials and made the shocking finding that mRNA vaccines had “no effect on overall mortality” that is to say for all the hype, the vaccine didn't save a single death. Worse, it found the risk of non-Covid, non-accident mortality actually increased by 17% (relative risk 1.17, 95% confidence interval (CI) 0.67-2.05). Furthermore, a full 50% of the non-Covid deaths (27 out of 54) were cardiovascular and the relative risk of such death was 45% higher in the vaccine arm (relative risk 1.45, CI 0.67-3.13), breaking down to 50% higher for Pfizer and 40% higher for Moderna (with wide confidence intervals).

Dr Will Jones, writing in Lockdown Sceptics says: "These are clearly alarming findings. But they go oddly unremarked upon in the paper. This is presumably due to the authors being wary of criticising the vaccines in order to be published. If so, it is disappointing that this is thought (probably correctly) to be necessary and indicates how absurdly political vaccine research has become."

He goes on to say "The focus of the paper is instead on the surprising finding that the adenovirus-vector vaccines (e.g. AstraZeneca and J&J) appear significantly to reduce overall mortality. Most strikingly, there are zero cardiovascular deaths in the vaccine arm versus five in the placebo arm. The relative risk of non-accident, non-Covid death is 62% lower in the vaccine arm than the placebo arm (relative risk 0.38 CI 0.17-0.88). Overall mortality is 63% down. "

The mainstream media have, predictably, ignored this report, instead pushing the continued lie that Covid, and not the vaccine, is responsible for increased deaths since their rollout.


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