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Jordan Peterson Must Undergo 'Re-education' for Thoughtcrime or Face Losing Clinical Licence

Dr Jordan Peterson, the renowned clinical psychologist and author, is being 'ordered' to undergo "re-education" by the College of Psychologists of Ontario in Canada. Failure to comply with the order will see Peterson face losing his licence to practice as a clinician.

The College of Psychologists has demanded Peterson undertake a social media ‘coaching program’ for no less a crime than tweeting the wrong opinion.

Peterson, a professor of Psychology and best-selling author, has amassed an unprecedented following in the last six years. His insights into just how toxic left-wing ideology has made him a hero to millions, whilst his stand against Justin Trudeau's compelled speech bill C16 made headlines all around the world.

Defending the Canadian trucker convoy, he tweeted at Justin Trudeau, the country’s prime minister, that he was a ‘puppet’. Peterson told Gerard Butts, a former adviser to Trudeau, he was a ‘prik’ [sic]. In a message about actress-cum-actor Eliot Page announcing her sex-change, he tweeted: ‘Remember when pride was a sin? And Ellen Page just had her breasts removed by a criminal physician’ – a post that led to his suspension from Twitter. It was these tweets that once again saw Peterson become the target of others in his profession.

This is not the first time they have come for Peterson. in 2018, a complaint was filed that Peterson’s tweets were ‘transphobic, sexist and racist’. This was the catalyst for a sustained campaign by others in his profession to have Peterson's career destroyed. His opponents attempted to have him sacked as a college professor, his clinical licence removed, and to be barred from speaking on any college campus in Canada, the United States, Britain and Australia. The tweets given in evidence were found not to be transphobic, sexist or racist and eventually the case was dropped. Peterson's opponents got a bloody nose in that fight and it appears that they've been harbouring resentment ever since.

The latest investigation against him is focused not only on Peterson’s tweets, but on his appearance on ‘The Joe Rogan Podcast’. Rogan is another who the far-left appear to have an irrational hatred for, the two of them together must have sent the haters into meltdown.

The college has an 'ethics code' that all its staff must abide by, but nowhere does it preclude staff from giving their opinion on Hollywood narcissists or talking to podcasters. The code states: "Personal behaviour becomes a concern of the discipline only if it is of such a nature that it undermines public trust in the discipline as a whole or if it raises questions about the psychologist’s ability to carry out appropriately his/her responsibilities as a psychologist."

This is typically vague so as to be used as the 'reason' for the renewed attack on Peterson.

The College of Psychologists of Ontario appears to be determined to 'get' Peterson, acting as Offence Archaeologists they have been trawling through Peterson's tweets, posts and podcasts, attempting to find something they can hang him by. Peterson has committed no crime, broken no law, he is merely 'guilty' of 'thoughtcrime', of holding the 'wrong' opinion. For that he must undergo 'reprogramming' or face extreme punishment.

Peterson is a multi-millionaire and successful author, he is unlikely to suffer financially from this renewed attack, but the effect on him emotionally, that is a different story.


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