Jonathan Van-Tam's Links to Big Pharma & Cavalier Attitude to Public Safety Will See Him in the Dock

One of the suspects in a forthcoming criminal case that exposes Covid as the biggest medical fraud in history.

Jonathan Van-Tam announced on twitter that he is leaving his role as England's deputy chief medical officer in two months time and was almost universally applauded by the media and politicians alike.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson thanked him for his "extraordinary contribution to our country".

Health Secretary Sajid Javid paid tribute to Prof Van-Tam for his "one-of-a-kind approach to communicating science over the past two years" that "has no doubt played a vital role in protecting and reassuring the nation". And in the House of Commons, he told MPs Prof Van-Tam had become a "national hero". Whilst the Guardian claimed that JVT was often the 'highlight of the Downing Street Briefings'.

The public too, where writing gushing tributes to what many were calling 'a great man', entirely unaware of the other side to Van-Tam.

Jonathan Van-Tam is another academic with extensive ties to the pharmaceuticals industry having worked directly for, or been funded by GSK, Roche and Aventis Pasteur MSD) and operated in the specific area of influenza and pandemic planning. What are the chances that these particular 'skills' would be exactly those required only 18 months after his appointment? His senior position in Government wields a significant amount of power and involved committing huge quantities of taxpayers’ money to projects preparing for emergencies, just like the one that materialised the minute the ink was dry on his contract. Van Tam was heavily involved in lobbying the government to declare a pandemic in 2009 when the swine/bird/influenza epidemic was attempted.

Professor Van Tam’s track record as an ex-employee of Roche, Aventis Pasteur MSD and SmithKline Beecham (now GSK) was excluded from the official DH press release when he took up the roll and has been expunged from public record since. He frequently attends events organised by the European Scientific Working Group on Influenza (ESWI), a well known industry-funded lobbying group. His predecessor in the CMO post, John Watson, was a founding member of ESWI. Van Tam has been a consistent supporter of pharmacological measures to address influenza and as head of the Pandemic Influenza Office at the UK Health Protection Agency in 2004-2007 bears responsibility for decisions which have been heavily criticised by the Public Accounts Committee.

In 2017 Oxford University epidemiologist Tom Jefferson wrote in the BMJ "In my view it is time that the government and the public took a close look at what is going on in the upper echelons of healthcare planning and delivery in this country and considered imposing substantial time moratorium on hiring workers with close ties to industry. Should such senior appointments not be subject to parliamentary committee scrutiny?

Clearly not. Van Tam, along with Whitty, Vallance, and Ferguson took up all the key positions in the government's pandemic response. All had either worked for, or been funded by, the very pharmaceuticals companies that now provide us with the 'cure' for a raging plague that Van-Tam and his co-conspirators tell us we are experiencing.