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Johnson Says 'Get a Booster' of a Vaccine that Doesn't Work; for a Virus with No Symptoms

Boris Johnson's appearance on national television was a series of half-truths, misdirections and lies.

The British Prime Minister has continued his assault on reality, started in March last year, announcing that Britain was "now facing an emergency, in our battle with the new variant 'Omicron" - in reality the new variant hasn't killed anyone on the planet, is reported to be so mild that many don't even know they've got it, and who US scientists have confirmed has mutated into the common cold. That, by any stretch of the imagination is not an emergency.

Johnson goes on with his lies claiming that we "must go further with our 'wall of vaccination', to keep our loved-ones safe." - Safe from what? a cold virus?

He then stated that the "UK's four chief medical officers had raised the Covid Alert Level to 4" - A meaningless arbitrary number that is merely a bridge to Level 5 which is total Lockdown, coming on the 19th of December.

This was done, Johnson claimed, because the 'evidence' is that Omicron is doubling, here in the UK, every two to three days. - This was an identical claim to last years, when SAGE were known to have FAKED the data. Even if it were true, it is an irrelevant 'fact', the variant is harmless, with independent experts (not in the pay of Pharmaceutical companies) saying that cases do not equate to illness, that this is a pseudo-epidemic based entirely on fake tests.

Indeed he started the announcement with a lie by saying:

"Over the past year, we have shown that vaccination is the key to beating Covid, and that it works." But then carries on to totally contradict that statement. - Vaccinations haven't beaten Covid at all, if they had then we wouldn't be in exactly the same position we were this time last year facing more restrictions and lockdowns. The claim that the vaccines work was contradicted by Johnson himself, seconds later when he then announced that the two doses already given were insufficient and that a booster shot would be required.

Vaccines haven't worked, that is self evident. The need to administer 3 of them in 9 months whilst still claiming the need for masks,lockdowns and more shots cannot be measured as a success.

- The true purpose of the briefing was to ramp up fear and push us towards another lockdown that will start at Christmas and extend to March. If there had have been a killer plague on the loose for the last 18 months then we would not need public announcements, we'd see it with our own eyes. We'd witness for ourselves the dead bodies piling up on the streets, we'd witness people we knew succumb to the disease, we'd see officials in hazmat suits removing the dead and walling up the survivors. We wouldn't have to count people run over by buses, or shot by a sawn-off as a Covid death. We wouldn't have to rely on a lab test to know we were ill, or paper masks to remind us that the plague was in town.

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