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"We don't want your 'Frankenstein foods" Italy tells Gates.

In a move that proves there is another way, Italy is set to ban all lab-grown 'meat' from next year.

The law will cover all 'synthetic' meats including those called 'chicken', 'beef', 'fish' or 'pork'. The bill not only cites Italy's food heritage as justification but also the intention to protect the population's health, though this has been played-down by the mainstream media.

From 2024 any manufacturer caught attempting to sell lab-grown meat faces a hefty fine of up to €60,000 (£53,000) and possible imprisonment, sending a clear message to those tempted to inflict the frankenstein food on the Italian public.

The proposed bill came hard on the heels of a series of government decrees banning the use of flour derived from insects such as crickets and locusts in pizza or pasta, another thing that Gates has invested heavily in.

Italy's ban on the production and marketing of cultivated meat is a world first. Both 'meat' grown from stem cells in a bioreactor, and insect-based protein made to look like meat will be outlawed, with Italian Ministers reiterating that Italy will not be home to this type of 'Frankensteinian' food.

Gates is reportedly outraged by Italy's decision after investing $2 Billion on lab-grown meat production in 2021. Gates went on record that year to announce his intention to move all western countries over to synthetic meat, neglecting to mention that he owns most of the patents and means of production.


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