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INVASION Force at the Gates of EUROPE

Thousands of fighting-age men, armed with axes, wire-cutters and other deadly weapons are currently massed on the border between Belarus and Poland, mounting hourly attacks at the gates of Europe.

The world's media, lead by Reuters, the BBC and CNN claim that this is an humanitarian crisis, and have managed to feature the only woman and child in the entire crowd on all of their output, whilst ignoring the thousands of young, angry and violent men behind them.

European Union are debating whether to apply sanctions to Poland for resisting the invasion. Yes, you did read that right, the EU want to punish one of its own member states for stopping an invasion at its borders.

Poland’s border with Belarus has turned into the latest location for an attack on Europe. This latest attack is said to have been orchestrated In a bid to strong-arm the EU into lifting sanctions on Minsk, Belarusian president Lukashenko is funnelling thousands leaving the Middle East straight to the borders of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. This may well be true but that should not change Poland's response. An invading force is an invading force, how or why they got there is irrelevant to those defending their sovereign borders.

This invasion of the West has been going on for years of course. It has been willingly facilitated by governments and NGOs, with boatloads of migrants being ferried across the English Channel on a daily basis, migrant 'caravans' breaking into Europe before marching across country after country to get to Britain where conditions are most favourable.

How sickening then that the instant a group of marauding Islamists emerges from the forests of Belarus with the specific intent of invading Poland the entirely left-wing media claims it's an humanitarian crisis and that Poland are some sort of evil fascist dictatorship for repelling the invaders.

The Poles are holding firm for now. Thousands of men are massed opposite Polish security forces, hurling projectiles, smashing down fences, setting fires and threatening to kill those security forces for getting in their way. They are determined to enter the European Union, and the travisty for Poland is that the EU want them to come in too.

Poland are simply protecting their sovereign borders, something they are perfectly entitled to do. Something that they are compelled to do. The first, and some say only, job of a government is to protect its people.

There is a potentially limitless number of people who can make their way to Europe from across the globe. What is significantly more limited is the will to stop them: with each incident it's far easier to give in than to weather the storm of outrage from those whose worldview is mere pantomime of feel-good virtue signalling. It means that the flood will never cease. The EU has refused to admit the obvious, preferring to reframe these invasion forces as humanitarian crisis, that these are women and children escaping oppression not thousands of young, angry men that have crossed a continent with the express purpose of islamising the West.

Each influx culminates in changes of epoch-deciding scale. Almost 40 per cent of schoolchildren in Vienna do not speak German as their mother tongue. Only 21.5 per cent of pupils in Inner London were described as ‘White British’ in 2019. Such movements have already irrevocably altered the face of European nations. Whether significant societal trauma will result is not certain, but we are already seeing the signs. What is clear, however, is that the unprecedented demographic shifts that have taken place must not be compounded by further flows of migrants. If this unasked-for experiment stands any chance of success, the pressure cannot be daily increased.

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