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Internet ‘Passports’ Needed to Stop Online Abuse Says Australian Government

Is it really about 'safety' or is there a far more sinister reason?

Australia's Federal Government plan to make all Australians acquire an Internet 'passport' before they can access any social media accounts. Working in much the same way as a travel passport, the internet pass will require Australians to submit 100 points of identification such as their driving licence, or passport before they can use social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter.

Police and Authorities would then have access to those accounts said to be needed to crack-down on 'online abuse'. According to the federal government, the new law is needed to stop online abuse, identity fraud and hackers from stealing your identity online. According to Channel 9 News who broke the story, it is all part of a new initiative to deter 'bad behaviour online'.

The Morrison government have stated that 'there is merit' in removing online anonymity.

Sold as an 'safety' initiative the plan just happens to be part the social credit system being relentlessly pushed by governments of late. A single digital ID that you use for everything means that authorities know everything. Your social media posts can then be linked to any number of other activities, including Travel, banking, health and police records to name but a few.

if all this sounds familiar that's because it is. A single digital ID that you use for everything is another idea of the World Economic Forum. The unique ID would link all of your life to a single point of contact, a contact that authorities could then easily monitor, scoring that activity on compliance to laws and diktats, how much of a 'good citizen' you are by checking for infractions against prevailing ideology.

We should all be very aware of what is coming, because ones it's implemented, there really is no going back.


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