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Inside the Elites Luxury Bunkers Ready for the Apocalypse

Whilst you perish from starvation or a nuclear holocaust, the likes of Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab will be safe in one of these fortified luxury bunkers.

A swiss firm which supplies fortified underground residences for billionaires has just released its latest design; L’Heritage bunker, aimed squarely at the super-rich individual who wants to ride out the apocalypse bathed in the lap of luxury they’ve grown so accustomed to.

The company, Oppidum, commissioned French architect Marc Prigent to design the sprawling underground abodes for “unprecedented times” – with each one offering a minimum of 10,000 square feet of space.

The residences can be customized to the owner’s tastes of course – and can include virtually anything that the customer wants; a private art gallery, meeting lounges, an indoor garden, swimming pools, or more 'specialised' items.

The residences have two independent air filtration systems – a primary unit for peacetime operation which provides fresh air indefinitely, and a state-of-the-art secondary air filtration system that can protect against airborne contaminants “be it of radioactive, chemical, biological or nuclear origin,” according to the website.

Should the need arise, the Oppidum’s unique high-pressure air reserve and internal circulation provides sufficient level of oxygen in the building and at the same time maintains an overpressure to ensure absolute airtightness and gas-tightness of the indoor environment.
The air filtration includes a CO2 removal system to provide breathable air when there is insufficient or no fresh air supply in the building. If necessary, the auxiliary supply connected to the CO2 removal will provide a sufficient level of oxygen. -Oppidum

The main structure is a reinforced concrete shell designed for static and dynamic loads, blast or shock waves, seismicity and other factors, and shelters can even be “designed to the highest NATO STANAG 2280:2016 level of protection.”

Security is nothing less than state of the art, which is no surprise given that these bunkers are made to ride out an apocalypse in extreme luxury. To that end, fortified blast doors are controlled by a multi-biometric meter that scans a resident’s face, iris, palm and fingerprints. Each residence also comes with an integrated, military-grade security system, as well as (of course) the ability to survive off-grid.

“They are places of serenity and absolute safety for owners and their families. We are privileged to offer our clients the highest levels of service, creating beautiful places that will protect them and their legacy for generations to come,” said Oppidum founder and CEO Jakub Zamrazil in a statement.

It's nice to know that, whilst we're surviving in some Mad Max style dystopian future, our overlords, and probably the ones who brought about that dystopian world, will themselves be safe, half a mile underground living in extreme luxury that we probably paid for.

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