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IDIOTS Picked the WRONG Masterpiece; This One PROVES There's NO Climate Emergency

The very thing that Just Stop Oil used to highlight the climate emergency is the very thing that proves it doesn't exist.

by Darren Birks

It hasn’t crossed their tiny minds, but if there was a climate emergency we wouldn’t need pathetic publicity stunts to alert us. We’d know. We’d be able to see it for ourselves, all around us. It would be bloody obvious.

Just Stop Oil say we are ‘in’ a climate emergency, an ‘emergency’ so devastating that idiots have had to take to gluing themselves to works of art to draw attention to it.

Ironically the choice of John Constable’s The Hay Wain proves beyond any doubt, there’s no climate emergency and never was. The painting was created in 1821 at the very start of the Industrial Revolution and a perfect record of the time. Compare the painting with a photo of the scene today and what is striking about the two side by side is the lack of any difference.

The scene of a Suffolk cottage overlooking the river Stour is just as green, just as beautiful in 2022. Two centuries since John Constable captured the scene yet it is one he would instantly recognise today.

200 hundred years of industrialisation hasn't damaged a single blade of grass

The industrial revolution spanned between 1760 and 1820 with John Constable capturing the idyllic scene in 1821. According to Just Stop Oil we are in a climate emergency right now, Greta Thumberg claims the world is on fire, ER that we are witnessing the sixth mass extinction and they all claim that some near date 2030, 2035, 2050 will see the end of the world.

Just Stop Oil covered the masterpiece with their version of what the scene will supposedly look like in eight years time. Some childish work that was supposed to represent that near future reality. They had to use a drawing of course, because a photograph would have destroyed their whole argument. Industrial man has had 200 years to damage it, yet as we can clearly see, it remains unharmed.

Just Stop Oil are suggesting then that all the this destruction will occur in the next eight years. If industrial man has not damaged a single blade of grass in over 200 it's highly unlikely that it will do irreversible ecological breakdown in just the next eight.


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