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Hysteria Over Coronavirus Remains High As Leicester Continues Lockdown Despite No New Deaths

The disconnect between confirmed cases and deaths continues to fuel coronavirus hysteria with Leicester prolonging a lockdown despite deaths and hospitalisations from Covid-19 being incredibly low. What has sparked this particular knee-jerk reaction is just 99 new cases being recorded. Not deaths, not hospitalisations, just confirmation that the virus is present in the patient’s system. Overwhelmingly the patients are reporting mild symptoms, whilst for many caught up in routine testing, experiencing no symptoms at all.

Yet local health officials have repeatedly trumpeted these low figures as confirmation of a deadly plague where confirmed cases are implied as deaths. It is now incredibly simple to panic the public, with authorities and media only needing to say the words “confirmed cases” for hysteria to flare up again.

Leicester was due to have restrictions lifted following its third week in lockdown but the discovery of more cases means that the lockdown will continue indefinitely. Local public health officials and the department of health & social care claim the lockdown helps to protect locals from the increasing transmission rates. There will, however, always be a percentage of the population with the virus and repeated lockdowns will only prolong herd immunity from being achieved, which is how the human race normally defends itself against such threats.

The people of Leicester have been commanded not to mix with other households indoors and only to have contact with one other household, of up to 6 people, in the open air. Whilst Pools, nail bars and bowling alleys, due to open, will also remain closed. Leicester’s economy has been especially hit by lockdowns, with many businesses reporting their position is now critical, with some already going bust.

Britain is now in an eternal loop of stupidity as it repeatedly locks down millions of people to slightly reduce the spread of a virus whose potency is less than that of a virulent flu strain of the type we see every 7-10 years and which we do not take any extreme measures for.

With a concerted effort from a complicit media, certain sections of the public are now very easy to panic. Months of psychological conditioning showing us only the worst cases of the virus, together with manipulated charts exaggerated death rates, and the demand to wear masks have created a pavlovian response. Now, the authorities only have to suggest there is a rise in cases to execute whatever draconian measures that takes their fancy.

The lockdowns will continue, implemented whenever the authorities feel the public are beginning to disbelieve the scare stories, until a miraculous cure comes in the form of the fabled vaccine.

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