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Huge Drop in Birth Rates, Nine Months After Vaccination Rollout for Younger People

Bill Gates 'prediction' comes true.

Reports from countries across the world are all reporting a sudden and sharp drop in birth rates. A number of commentators have recently posted articles on significant falls around the world in reported live births during the first months of 2022.



“Birth Gauge” has stats for a number of countries and they all report the same.


Hong Kong

Northern Ireland

it doesn't matter where you look, the data is the same. A shocking drop in live births coming nine months after vaccine rollouts to the parent age-group.

Looking at England and Wales data from UKHSA, it can be seen that the percentage of unvaccinated women giving birth begins to fall rapidly from around May 2021 at a rate of between 5-10% per month.

The words of Bill Gates must surely be ringing in the ears of many today.

"The world has a population of about 6.8 Billion, if we do a really great job with new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services we could reduce that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent."

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