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High Court Rules Against NHS Eugenics Programme

Today the High Court ruled on a landmark case that will have severe repercussions for the Tavistock clinic whose programme of child gender-reassignment has been described by some as a “eugenics programme” “perverted” and “LGBTQ ideology masquerading as medicine”

Keira Bell (23), a victim of the programme, brought legal action against the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust to the High Court following years of what they describe as “experimentation”. She claimed doctors failed to carry out a proper psychiatric assessment on her before injecting her with testosterone and carrying out a mastectomy. She claimed she was treated like a 'guinea pig'. Though she is now in the process of transitioning back to a woman, she faces further legal hurdles because by law she is now a man, and may also be infertile.

Judges said in their ruling: children must understand "long-term consequences of treatment", which is open to interpretation, raising more concerns from critics that the Tavistock Clinic will try and find ways around the ruling to continue their programme as The Trust argued that 'medical specialists in this field should be able to make calls based on their assessments and claimed it was 'a radical proposal' to suggest children did not have the capacity to give consent.' Whilst Trans Children's Charity Mermaids said the ruling was a 'devastating blow'.

What was notable from the court case (by its absence) was any type of apology from the Tavistock Clinic, who ruined Ms Bell's life by subjecting her to this Programme. There was no remorse, no admission of guilt and no commitment to dismantle the Programme. It is expected that more 'guinea pigs' who have been subjected to this ideologically driven medical programme will now pursue compensation through the courts which could cost the taxpayer millions over the next five years.

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