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Hancock's Downfall Looks Like a Deliberate Act by The Deep State

Are we to believe that Hancock didn't know there was a CCTV camera in his office, really?

What we are meant to believe is that Matt Hancock resigned as health secretary following video of him with his tongue down the throat of his aide Gina Coladangelo taken not from a spy camera, but a security camera pointing directly at the very spot Hancock fondled the arse of his mistress.

It is implausible to think that any politician would have CCTV inside their own office. What would be the point of such cameras? What 'security' is required inside the secretary for health's own office exactly? And, are we really to believe Hancock's claim that he 'didn't know they were there' when they were clearly visible, and with one located right above his desk.

A spokesman for Hancock claimed that the footage was from 'secret cameras planted by the Chinese', which is evidently nonsense, but the 'official' story, that it was footage from his office CCTV taken by a whistleblower in his own department also appears a pack of lies. To believe that you would need to also believe that hancock never saw the cameras right above his head, and, if he had, either forgot they were there or believed that they weren't working.

The cameras were installed in the office in 2017, before Hancock took up post, and are clearly visible. They have always been there, there original purpose being unclear. One of them is trained directly at the door where Hancock and Coladangelo were filmed snogging. also, what is not made clear is that this is video footage and not still photographs. We are meant to believe that he stepped right into frame of a security camera that he 'didn't know was there', facing the right direction', to violate social distancing rules just enough so he'd need to resign.

Six weeks after the video was captured – and a fortnight after they had been wiped from the department's CCTV system – the worker who secured the footage contacted an anti-lockdown campaigner, who promised to try to place them in the media. It is not known if The Sun obtained the video directly from the whistleblower or from another source entirely.

According to the narrative the whistleblower told the Sun they could be contacted on an encrypted Protonmail email account, an end to end encryption tool developed for use by scientists at CERN, an odd choice for what is supposed to be a disgruntled employee at the DoH.

It is our conclusion that Matt Hancock was either complicit in the entire episode, or the victim or a sting by the Deep State that now runs the country by de facto. Either way it has been decided by those who have been manipulating us all, that Hancock has outlived his usefulness. The actors may change, but the play stays the same.

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