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Hamas Chief Living in London Masterminded Mass Murder of Jews from Council House Paid for by YOU

Britain is the most gullible country on earth.

A Hamas chief who is obsessed with murdering Jews, masterminded the October 9th terrorist attacks from the comfort of a London council house it's been revealed.

Muhammad Qassem Sawalha, 62, masterminded the 'new holocaust' from a house in Barnet, west London. Barnet Council who owned the property reportedly gave the mass murderer a £112,300 discount on the £320,700 two-storey house leading to calls from the public for those councillors to be sacked immediately.

Considered Hamas’ ‘representative in the UK' Sawalha was known to be a leading member of a proscribed terrorist group yet Barnet council were perfectly happy to give the terrorist preferential treatment over British people causing outrage among local residents.

He and his wife Sawsan, 56, live mortgage-free in the Colindale house, which has a garden and garage, The Sunday Times reports. He was born in Tubas, West Bank, but arrived in the UK from Jordan in the nineties as a fugitive.

Sawalha, is known to have been a member on Hamas’s ruling body, whilst managing to steer clear of Israel’s own security services he came to the UK on a false passport but later gained British citizenship, it was reported.

In the UK, Sawalha continued to work for Hamas. He held secret discussions about ‘revitalising’ terrorist acts in Israel and helping to launder money to fund activities in the West Bank and Gaza, according to a 2004 US Department of Justice indictment.

In 2003, the father of four became a council tenant at the two-storey home with a garage and a garden in Colindale. Frighteningly, this unhinged murder-cult member lives among some 56,616 Jews also living in the borough of Barnet, the highest Jewish population of any in Britain, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Pathetically, the council’s leader, Barry Rawlings, said he was ‘horrified' to think [Sawalha] could be living in our midst’ and said that he had 'launched a review'. That at 'review' is unlikely to save him and his colleagues from a severe resident backlash. Attempting to cover the Council's actions Rawlings went on "We will liaise with other stakeholders including the police and the government in reviewing the full history of this case and will take all appropriate action."

Barnet victory is 'proof Jewish voters trust us again', claimed Rawlings in 2022 election victory.

Rawlings pretending that he was shocked and 'horrified' at the news, is being disingenuous to say the least. In 2020, Rawlings was informed by 'UK Lawyers for Israel' that Sawalha was an active terrorist and was living in one of the Boroughs Council Houses. Rawlings has claimed that he passed on the information to the counterterrorism unit at the Met Police but this is as yet unconfirmed.

The National Terrorist Financing Investigation Unit have looked into the tenancy agreement, suggesting it 'may have contravened sanctions legislation.' But a spokesman said ‘the evidential test was not met’ and there was no further action taken. Campaigners for public sector accountability have asked exactly what would pass the 'evidential test'.

Sawalha also just happens to be the head of Finsbury mosque, a breeding ground for radicalisation and terrorist recruitment.

If a known terrorist can come here on a false passport to live a life of luxury at the British taxpayer's expense while carrying on with his murderous campaign without fear of being found out, there is something very wrong.

In 2009, Sawalha signed a declaration that commended Allah for having ‘routed the Zionist Jews’, made a plea for weapons to be sent to Gaza, and demanded a ‘Third Jihadist Front’ be set up in Palestine, alongside Afghanistan and Iraq.

Sawalha openly served on Hamas’s politburo from 2013 to 2017 and was photographed with the group’s leader, Ismail Haniyeh, in 2010 and 2012. He reportedly masterminded the October 9th attacks that saw over 1400 Jews slaughtered, and he did it all whilst living off benefits and council handouts.

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