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Guardian Implies BitChute A Tool for Neo-Nazis

British Newspaper The Guardian has launched a snide attack on video streaming service BitChute. In a characteristic piece by the toxic rag, the article featured in today’s Guardian online runs with the headline “The UK social media platform where Neo-Nazis can view terror atrocities” over the top of a Getty images photo showing two people shouting at police during last weeks riots. This ticks all the boxes for Guardian readers, even if it provides no actual evidence of any Nazis either in the photo, or from the video streaming services itself. but then, it doesn’t need to, it only has to show a white working class football supporter and tag the image with the word ‘Nazi’ and they’ve done 80% of the article right there, the rest is just filler.

The Guardian, that needed two hacks to write this drivel, goes on to say ‘BitChute, which was used in the dissemination of far-right propaganda during the protests in London and elsewhere this month, has hosted films of terror attacks and thousands of antisemitic videos which have been viewed over three million times’. Again, they do not give any facts or specific examples, but they really don’t have to, because keeping it vague means they can’t be held to anything later, whilst they’re getting their bigoted message across just the same. They only need to imply these things knowing the reader will fill in the blanks. It’s what they call a dog-whistle when someone else is doing it. They continue to use this clumsy technique by randomly slinging other trigger-words into the text like ‘far-right’ ‘terrorist’ ‘antisemitic’ and the name of one of their favourite bogeymen ‘Tommy Robinson’. The piece goes on to list more and more of its favourite catchphrases with the odd quote from an ‘expert’ thrown in for good measure.

But, before they smugly congratulate themselves for what they probably think is some hard-hitting investigative journalism, they should note that BitChute is one of the few video streaming services that isn’t YouTube and, unlike the ridiculous Guardian characterisation, is not awash with swastikas, nazis murdering people for entertainment, or endless rants about the arian race. Bitchute is just another video streaming service allowing people to make their own content. Where Bitchute differs from Youtube is that It has made a conscious decision that free speech should be a cornerstone of its business model. It’s neither creating, promoting or indulging in Neo-Nazi ideologies despite the hysterical Guardian’s implications. But then, if you believe the Guardian, everyone is a Nazi. Anyone who voted to leave the EU, anyone who questions mass immigration, or transgender issues, Greta Thunberg or just voted Conservative. These are all far-right, Neo-Nazi ideologies according to the Guardian.

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have become so authoritarian that literally anyone not sharing its Marxist identity-politics is labelled ‘far right’. Increasingly they have operated a purge to suppress any views that may challenge this orthodoxy. In recent years even mainstream scientists and authors have been banned from their platforms. You can write the most racist, toxic, false and hateful things on any of these platforms, as long as they are far-left. You can see the most appalling videos uploaded by ISIS, you can listen to the most disgusting white-hating racist views, and watch the most demented Transgender rants without any effort at all. Because these are all acceptable as they fit the Silicon Valley view of the world. Bitchute, in contrast to these global giants, does not impose draconian rules and its own ideologies on any of its patrons. Unlike YouTube it doesn’t deny freedom of speech or trample on the American constitution. Bitchute, is a champion of free speech, and that’s what the Guardian can’t stand.

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