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Greta Thunberg: 'I'm Not Political'

Great Thunberg has claimed on Twitter that she is ‘not political’, despite her outright Marxist rantings and Twitter posts. Perhaps, as is more likely, Greta does not even know that her speeches are Marxist ideologies, considering they are written by her parents.

The aim is cleverly obfuscated through sloganeering and misdirection, but the ultimate goal of the Greta roadshow is to destroy capitalism, and that's the very essence of the Marxism ideology. It lays at the core of the communist doctoring. The Thunberg doctoring. Sure, Greta may not support a mainstream political party, but that does not mean that her aims aren't political, as they are little else. Activism is outside traditional politics by its very nature, but the acts themselves are nothing BUT political.

It is ridiculous for Greta Thunberg to suggest that she is 'not political' when she's been photographed with every leftist politician in the western hemisphere and making political speeches to world leaders. But if there was any doubt about her political intent it was dispelled in Turin when Thunberg used the Marxist phrase "put them against the wall'' in her promise to the crowd. A reference to what Greta would do to world leaders and a term referring to a favoured Communist practice of shooting, by firing squad, those that disagree with your ideology.

Greta and her parents know that, were they to be honest about their true intent, that they would lose much of their support so the Marxist ideology is buried in a soup of fake science, fear mongering, sloganeering, virtue signalling and a shed-load of amature dramatics.

Darren Birks for Vision News

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