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Greenpeace Attack Barclays Across UK

Almost 100 branches of Barclays bank were unable to open for business on Monday after Greenpeace obstructed the entrances by glueing and nailing the doors shut. The campaign targeted branches across the UK to protest against, what Greenpeace claim, is the bank's funding of oil and gas companies. Greenpeace claim Barclays is the biggest bank to fund fossil fuels in Europe. It demands that the bank switch its funding into renewable energy.

Barclays said it is working to get the branches open as quickly as possible. In the early hours of Monday morning, 97 Barclays branches were targeted by Greenpeace, which disabled the doors preventing staff from entering. Images of people bearing slogans such as "Stop Funding Fossil Fuels" were stuck on the windows and "pop-up exhibitions" displaying photographs of climate change were used to block major Barclays branches in Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London and Manchester.

This appears to be a 'ramping up' of the battle between Greenpeace and Extinction Rebellion who have been seen as stealing much of Greenpeace's limelight over the last year. This stunt has been performed following ER's recent disruptions in Cambridge and London and has put Greenpeace again back at the top of the climate activist hierarchy. It is likely that, given the mentality of ER though, that they will in turn perform another ridiculous stunt to 'out do' Greenpeace. Sadly, it is the public who are the only ones affected by these narcissistic stunts.

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