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GP's Salaries Rose by Record Amount During Pandemic

Whilst GP surgeries were shut their salaries shot up by 17%.

When the Pandemic occurred GPs practices shut their doors to patients, including Covid patients, with many surgeries still not open two and a half years on. Whilst GP's treated a fraction of their patients their earnings shot up to £142,000.

Almost unbelievably, whilst most GP practices effectively shut-up shop and refused to see patients face to face their pay went up by another £20K, a rise of 17%.

The huge rise, the largest on record, came as the NHS moved to a system of “total triage”, with patients refused GP appointments in person unless they had a telephone consultation first. In the majority of cases patients never got to see a GP face to face at all, the consequences of which are now being seen in excess death figures.

GP bodies have claimed that some of the extra money comes from delivering the Covid vaccine rollout but in reality over 90% of the vaccines were administered by NHS secondary care Trusts by an army of people drafted in to administer the jab. It is also claimed they were paid they no longer had to do during the pandemic which makes little or no sense, as the extra £20K is over and above what they were being paid pre-covid.

It comes as GPs threaten industrial action over a contract that requires some practices to open on Saturdays. The vote was passed at the British Medical Association (BMA) annual conference earlier this summer, when doctors were urged to “channel our inner Mick Lynch”.

On Thursday night, patients’ groups said the increase was “extremely difficult to justify” and would prove “incredibly irritating and distressing” to people who have struggled to see a GP.

NHS officials have given no explanation as to why they have 'rewarded' GPs for not treating patients. Those who contacted their surgery were met with a series of hoops to jump through before they could even speak to a receptionist. Elderly people were directed to complex websites or made to go through a series of unrelated questions on their keypad, putting off albut the most determined and tech savvy.

This was no unintended consequence, this was the entire point: Making it as difficult as possible to get treatment, will reduce pressure on services and kill off the weak and elderly, and all under the pretence of a pandemic. The upshot of practices not treating patients for two years can now be seen in the 1500 excess deaths a week the ONS are doing their best to hide.

Perhaps the £20,000 GPs have been given is for implementing the above policy, it certainly wasn't for treating any patients.


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