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Government to Impose Firebreak LOCKDOWN in October by 'Fixing' the Hospital Data

Pandemic not over until SAGE say so.

The Government have drawn up secret plans for an October ‘firebreak’ lockdown and will 'fix' the numbers to do it.

New Lockdowns are coming, in a matter of weeks with SAGE using the same cheap tricks to justify them as they did last year. The government have decided that if hospitalisations continue at their current level, and threaten to overload the NHS, that they will impose a 'firebrake' lockdown in October a senior Government scientist has told iNews. But Vision News has learned that SAGE will 'fix' the numbers, in exactly the same way they did for lockdowns last year, to make this happen.

The member of the Government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) said "the UK is about to enter 'an extended peak' of infections and hospitalisations, which are in danger of pushing the NHS beyond breaking point and could force the Government to re-introduce restrictions over the school half term period at the end of next month." reports iNews, adding “This is essentially the precautionary break that SAGE suggested last year,”

The SAGE source claimed “It would be sensible to have contingency plans, and if a lockdown is required, to time it so that it has minimal economic and societal impact.”

The Government scientist added that while Covid deaths are significantly higher than at the same point 12 months ago, they would have to rise fivefold to match those experienced in late October last year.

“We are going to be at a peak, albeit an extended peak, quite soon, so it’s not really the same situation as last year, when failure to reduce prevalence would have resulted in collapse of NHS and people dying in car parks,” the loony added. “Hospitals might be overflowing before deaths reach the same level. Acting early will prevent this level.”

In order to make it seem like hospitals are full to overflowing with coronavirus patients the government plan to count all hospital-acquired covid infection as covid-cases, which according to figures, accounts for 60% of all supposed hospitalisations. That is to say, that patients admitted to hospital for any number of other illnesses test positive for covid whilst an inpatient, get counted as a Covid patient. Counting over half of all hospital admissions when they're not is effectively a lie, done to justify lockdowns. It's the same trick they pulled last year, for every lockdown, and getting away with it, repeatedly, has emboldened them. They'll do it every time they want a power trip, unless the public wake up.

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