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Government Threatens 'Get the Booster Jab or we'll Cancel Christmas'

Sound familiar?

Last year, at this very time, the Government told us that if we locked down for just a short period, that we would be able to have Christmas with our family and friends. That turned out to be a lie, though millions fell for it, blaming those who didn't 'follow the rules' for the subsequent cancellation of Christmas.

A year-on and the Government are threatening it again. Same as before, only this time it is 'get the booster jab, or lose Christmas.'

“The freedom we now all enjoy,” Professor Stephen Powis writes in the Sunday Telegraph, “is a direct result of the country’s willingness and desire to come forward for a Covid jab when it has been offered.” That very ‘freedom’ will be gone again if take-up doesn’t stay high.

"Although the country once again finds itself at a crunch point, the NHS vaccination programme remains the strongest weapon in the armoury. Because we rolled out jabs so quickly, we are likely to see protection from the virus waning sooner than other countries. That means that without a booster, many people will find themselves more vulnerable to Covid, going into winter. So it’s vital that everyone gets their top-up jab as soon as they are eligible."

"People will be contacted to book their jab six months after their second dose. And if for some reason you don’t receive an invite, you will be able to book directly through the national booking service after you become eligible."

"We have to seize the moment, get our booster jab and protect ourselves as we go into what will no doubt be a tough winter, particularly as we are likely to see seasonal flu pose a risk to our health. And to maximise the impact of the vaccination programme we must all continue to act responsibly."

"The more of us that come forward for our booster jab, and the more we keep our resolve in helping to limit the spread of infection, then the greater chance we all have of staying well.

So, when your time comes, take up the offer, book your booster and protect the freedom and Christmas that we have all earned and deserve to enjoy."

The language is almost exactly the same as last year, and, just as with last year's threat, they have no intention of honouring the 'deal'. Christmas will be cancelled, of that you can be sure. Even if the booster jab had 100% take-up it wouldn't make any difference. Just as it didn't last year, our compliance won't save Christmas this time round either. SAGE have a whole list of fake reasons that they will trot out in the run up to the festive season. Mask wearing wasn't good enough, a new variant has emerged (Delta Plus) and the anti-vaxxers are still ruining it for everyone else will all be trotted out to make the public the villains if not in control of their own destiny. In truth a lockdown at Christmas was planned all along.

Cromwell would be proud.

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02 July 2021

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Patricia Sullivan
Patricia Sullivan
Oct 25, 2021

Who's the yokel in the picture is it vallance ? Another 'bought and paid for whore'

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