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Government Plans Will KILL 500,000 UK Citizens to 'Save the NHS'

and will reduce everyone's life by four months.

A University study has concluded that Government's plans will kill over half a million UK citizens, sacrificed to 'save the NHS'.

Well over half a million UK citizens, many of them who clapped for the NHS every Thursday night last summer, will be sacrificed to 'save it'. Whilst clinicians TikTok-danced through the supposed pandemic, knowing their jobs weren't at risk, the rest of the UK were being considered collateral damage.

Bristol University has forecast that the Government’s response to COVID-19 (to November 2020) will ultimately kill 560,000 UK citizens with many other studies supporting these predictions. The World Health Organisation advised against lockdown policies, another thing that appears to have gone unreported.

We are already seeing those deaths taking place. The 2020 death statistics (as tallied by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries) indicate that of the 71,200 excess deaths recorded since the pandemic began, over 46,000 of them (65%) were because of lockdown measures – a rate of over 1000 people a week. It's not known how many of those killed were clapping on a Thursday night but it will be a considerable number. To put the deaths into some sort of context people were dying from Lockdown at nearly double the rate of those recorded as Covid during the same period. And it gets worse, the architect of the West’s lockdown, Professor Neil Ferguson, told the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee that 66% of people who died of coronavirus in 2020 would have died from other causes that year anyway.

There is no upside to Lockdowns. They do not save lives, they create more death. They do not 'save' what doesn't need saving either.

With government's around the world planning Climate Lockdowns, how many more will die as a result?

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