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Government Plan ‘Crackdown’ on Anti-Lockdown Protestors Following Success on Saturday

The medical fascists can't let the truth get out.

SAGE are said to be furious by the continued success of anti-lockdown protesters who gathered in central london again on Saturday. The Government 'advisors' have demanded that Boris Johnson crack down on the protestors as they fear that the their message is beginning to get through to the public.

Whilst the public were occupied with Matt Hancock's resignation Johnson had an urgent meeting with with the security service, anti-terrorist police and SAGE subgroup spi-M on how the protests can be silenced. It is understood that it was SAGE who called the meeting, showing who has the ultimate power in number 10 in 2021.

It is known that GCHQ are monitoring anti-lockdown protestors via mobile phone networks, police were videoing the protests on mass, and that plain-clothed police were also mingling with the crowds, secretly gathering evidence on ringleaders, but SAGE are demanding that Johnso take this a stage further and arrest key people, whilst implementing a ‘total media blackout’ on any reporting of the events.

Psychological warfare SAGE sub group SPI-M have allegedly given Johnson a range of scenarios to ‘neutralise’ the protestors. Boris Johnson is said to be keeping ‘every option on the table’ including applying more stringently the coronavirus rules, arresting the organisers, and 'D' Notices issued on reporting the protests.

We have already seen that anti-vaxxers have been blamed for new variants, mischaracterised as crackpot conspiracy theorists and arrested by police ‘snatch-squads’, often resulting in long police detention without charge. But, despite these attacks, the anti-lockdown message is reaching more and more people, as truth is very hard to suppress, which has infuriated SAGE who see the as a threat to their control. The mass event on Saturday, which saw a million people protest in central London was either entirely ignored by the likes of the BBC or misrepresented by others like SKY. Even the supposed right-wing channel GB News ignored it, running the same stories about Matt Hancock as all other media channels. But despite this, the message is getting out, thanks to independent media and, with so much at stake, SAGE have demanded that they must be stopped by any means.

Watch the Video that Youtube banned

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Robert Raw
Robert Raw
Jun 30, 2021

This disgusting and dishonest lot should be hanged.


Kill all members of SAGE. Fergusson first.


Patricia Sullivan
Patricia Sullivan
Jun 28, 2021

......................and SAGE think we give a monkey's flea what they want. F - - - SAGE.

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