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Government Makes Visiting Your Mother on Mother’s Day a Criminal Offence For Second Year

Authorities have reminded families that, due to lockdown restrictions, visiting your mother inside her home, is still banned and families should ‘heed the warning’.

This Mother’s Day, just as the last, is cancelled. The Coronavirus Rules are still in place, and do not permit anyone visiting their mother, for any reason, indoors. You can sit in the garden, presuming she has one, and if resident in a Care Home, one designated person can frighten the living daylights out of her by putting on a full hazmat suit and waving from the other side of the room.

For the second year in a row, even popping round to visit the woman who gave you life, is illegal – and, if we believe the public-health ads, totally immoral. Millions of people haven’t seen their mother for a year now, a few ‘lucky’ ones may have had the odd Zoom call, which, if they suffer from Dementia, is often like an episode of Black Mirror.

Government advisers who have been at the root of these rules have spent all week appearing in the media with tales of death and destruction if we ignore their diktats. From day one of Boris Johnson's 'Roadmap' SAGE and Public Health have appeared on tv and radio telling of apocalyptic outcomes as they fear their Marxist ‘Utopia’ is increasingly being rejected by the public. They fear that thousands will ignore the rules tomorrow and visit their mothers in defiance, particularly now that the octogenarians have had their vaccine.

Last Mother’s Day we obeyed the rules, without question, because we were told that it would just be for three weeks to ‘flatten the curve’. The big question now is, will Mother’s Day 2022 be the same?

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Patricia Sullivan
Patricia Sullivan
Mar 13, 2021

Why would anyone take notice of SAGE, a bunch of "useful idiots" who are allegedly lining their pockets with shares in pharmacy companies whose "vaccines" (??) are killing people. Don't trust these sneaky, devious, underhand, dishonest people. I have NO RESPECT for any of them. They're too scared of CHINA. Most people are NOT INTERESTED in their communist agenda and many are sick of their lies. I'll do precisely what I wish to on Mothering Sunday. I'm a free subject who doesn't need government permission to exercise MY HUMAN RIGHTS.

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