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Government Grant "Freedom" with “Hour Of Recreation” for Vaccinated Australians

The Orwellian Government of New South Wales have announced a chilling development. Residents of the region, which includes the city of Sydney, are to be granted extra “freedom” if they have complied with the vaccination programme, and be allowed to “leave home for an hour of recreation on top of their exercise hour.”

9 News in Australia reports that “Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the vaccination milestone of six million reached this week would allow for a small renewal in freedoms for residents with the jab.”

The report add that “From September 13, households living in the NSW government’s LGAs of concern will be allowed to spend an additional hour of recreation outdoors, as long as all adults in the household are fully vaccinated.“This is on top of the already-permitted hour of exercise, meaning households will be able to visit a park.”


Australia has faced some of the most draconian lockdown rules on the planet. The military has been called in to enforce the restrictions and curfews, with critics comparing it to North Korea.

Lockdowns have been instituted multiple times in several regions after just one case of COVID has been registered, and scenes of residents, including children, being hounded by the authorities have become commonplace.

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