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Government Expert's Double-Standards Exposed Over AstraZeneca Vaccine

"Death after vaccine never caused by vaccine". "Death after Covid test always caused by Covid".

As we have previously reported, the Covid death figures are false. The UK Government have inflated the figures to tens of thousands of their real numbers, deliberately, cynically, and criminally.

We discovered in August of 2020 that Public Health England were actively counting all deaths, from any cause, as Covid-19 if the deceased happened to have tested positive for the virus within 60 days of the person dying. Yes they shifted that to 28 days then, when you weren’t looking, shifted it back again. That’s not an accident or an oversight, that is fraud.

Even the tests themselves were known to be adding to the fakery. PCR tests are so sensitive they will detect any fragment of material from your immune system's battle with coughs and colds and indicate that as a positive result. Some experts have suggested that these false positives could be up to 70%. Government advisors know this, but choose to bury the evidence in layers of data and biased reporting.

But the experts applying the 'logic' that any death after a covid test must be caused by it are the very same experts who are saying that a death after a vaccine can't possibly be caused by that.

Post hoc, ergo propter hoc is Latin for “It happened after, so it was caused by” - the logic applied when counting Covid deaths.
Correlation is not causation - the logic applied when counting vaccine deaths.

Now, with most EU countries halting use of the AstraZeneca Vaccine, a different 'logic' is applied. In this case, UK and WHO 'experts' claim that the vaccine is perfectly safe and that we should all carry on using it. There is no correlation between the vaccine being administered and the patient subsequently dying they say. Notice the entire absence of any of the logic applied to Covid Deaths here. Were we to apply the very same logic then ALL deaths that occurred within 60 days of a vaccine would be counted as a vaccine death. It wouldn't matter if the patient was run over by a bus, it certainly doesn't for a Covid death, it would all count.

If we applied the very same logic that has fuelled this ENTIRE PANDEMIC, then hundreds of thousands of Deaths would be caused by the Vaccine. Apply THEIR logic to death figures and over 100,000 people would have died from the Vaccine. Indeed you wouldn't even need to investigate a death, because "death by Vaccine" would be a foregone conclusion, in exactly the same way it is for a Covid Death right now. The deceased wouldn't even have needed to have had the vaccine, only that they 'looked a bit dead', again the same logic applied to Covid patients who didn't even need to have had a test for it to be written on their death certificate.

It's only when you apply the experts logic to other situations, such as Vaccines, that you see the sheer stupidity of it. The experts cherry pick data to fit a very specific narrative. Currently the narrative is that 'they' are not seeing any excess deaths for March 2021, death-rates are exactly the same as the yearly average. But then we didn't see any excess deaths in 2020 either.

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