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Gibraltar Cancels Christmas Despite 100% of Population Being Fully Vaccinated

Keep complying morons.

Gibraltar has cancelled official Christmas events and urged people to avoid gatherings to combat an “exponential” spike in COVID cases, despite its entire adult population being fully vaccinated.

Known as 'the most vaccinated place on earth,' technically more than 118 per cent of the British Overseas territory’s population is fully vaxxed because Spaniards also enter the country to work every day. The country also kept rules for mandatory mask-wearing indoors and still maintains social distancing everywhere, yet none of this rules or vaccines have worked, with authorities claiming that Covid cases are are still rising.

Labeling the increase “exponential,” Samantha Sacramento pointed to an average of 56 Covid-19 cases per day over the last seven days, which is up from fewer than 10 per day in September. In response, authorities have demanded people cancel hosting private parties, while the state has banned all 'official Christmas parties, official receptions and similar gatherings.'

The entire population of the territory has been fully vaccinated for almost six months and masks have been mandatory on public transport, inside shops and numerous other venues throughout that time. Gibraltar has been hailed as a success story and an example of how total compliance with bureaucracy is the way to beat a virus.

Predictably, authorities response to the surge in cases is to 'double-down' on all the rules that haven't worked until now. Vaccines are now being rolled out to 5 year olds, while third and fourth jabs are being given to adults.

Gibraltarians do not seem to be aware that you cannot comply your way out of tyranny Perhaps they can consider that when they're eating turkey alone on Christmas day again.

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