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Gaslighting the British People Zahawi Insists Vaccine Passports are 'Necessary to End the Pandemic'

Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi has insisted to MPs in the Commons that vaccine passports are necessary to end the pandemic.

The man who stood up in parliament, less than 12 months ago, and told us that a Conservative Government would never implement vaccine passports is implementing vaccine passports. Nadhim Zahawi told MPs last year that the idea of vaccine passports was not one that any Conservative government would entertain, saying; "it's not how we do things in this country" and suggesting "they would be divisive".

Now Zahawi claims that "vaccine passports are necessary to end the pandemic." and is attempting to gaslight the entire British public in doing so. He clearly said that they would not be implemented, and that they weren't even being considered, and yet the same man, in the same job, for the same government, for the same virus, now claims that they are necessary, are being implemented, and will be mandatory. Zahawi also refused to rule out their use in pubs and restaurants which he'd ruled out as recently as 2 months ago.

Predictably, the Media didn't hold Zahawi to account. They were too busy claiming that a National Insurance rise was the big story of the day, whipping up faux outrage that the Government had broken one of their election promises, whilst the single biggest assault on civil liberties in 300 years was not mentioned.

Regular readers of Vision News will know that all of this was lies and misdirection, as the Government had already drawn up plans for their implementation whilst the media have been softening up the public for months. At the time we reported the truth useful idiots of the Twittersphere called us Conspiracy Theorists and laughed at us. They appear to have all-but disappeared now, presumably busy downloading their passports, government tracking apps, getting jabbed and pledging allegiance to Klaus Schwab.

Even if you believe 'the science' there is no clinical reason for vaccine passports. The vaccine does not stop the spread, stated by SAGE and CDC from the outset and proven in numerous studies, so the one and only justification for them at all is false. But even ignoring all that, countries that implemented them, such as Israel, have seen no significant difference in virus transmission.

There is no medical or scientific reason to implement them. It is purely a gateway to digital IDs and a social credit system.

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Patricia Sullivan
Patricia Sullivan
Sep 09, 2021

The complete asshole Zahawi is another sinister bastard who thinks we're complete and utter fools. Why would ANYONE listen to this "ocker". He's just another Hitler type who should and MUST be wiped out. We WILL NOT comply.

How the hell can "passports end a pandemic". Is this idiot real? Is he RETARDED? Passports don't end anything. This idiot is a LOSER, losing the "mark of the beast" game.

Who is behind this? Who's working these puppets ?

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