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'Frack On' - Extinction Rebellion Vow to Stop Energy Bills Coming Down with New Terror Campaign

Eco mentalists Extinction Rebellion vow to keep your energy bill high by stopping cheap Gas extraction.

Fracking in the UK could unlock £4 trillion of gas, massively lowering energy bills, creating jobs, boosting the economy and help make the country energy independent again, all of which Extinction Rebellion want to stop.

A mile beneath northern England, in the Bowland shale, there lies about a thousand trillion — that’s 1,000,000,000,000,000 — cubic feet of natural gas, which would fetch at least £4 trillion at today’s prices.

Natural Gas is very efficient, clean, and in abundance all of which has been known for over 100 years, but extraction of the cheap and plentiful fuel became the target of Neo-Marxist organisations such as extinction rebellion who attacked sites, targeted company bosses and planted stories in the media about earthquakes and poisoned rivers all to get fracking banned.

In 2011, at a meeting to decide if Fracking should go ahead in Yorkshire, half the people protesting were posh middle-class 'climate types' from the South. At one picket line, they warmed themselves over coal braziers, apparently oblivious to the irony said Matt Ridley to the Mail Online.

The Green party spread falsehoods that fracking caused earthquakes, something that is now cemented into the public psyche. The Green party are still peddling this lie, claiming:

'It has become clear that the frackers are in over their heads and don’t care about our safety. They’re causing earthquakes far stronger than they were expecting, and they’re lobbying to raise the threshold of permitted seismic activity to an unacceptable level.'

"The public not understanding the Richter scale for seismic activity", Jacob Rees-Mogg has told MPs, after formally lifting the ban on drilling for shale gas in England. The business and energy secretary told the Commons that the previous limit on the extent of potential earthquake activity caused by fracking – 0.5 on the Richter scale – was too low, and that quakes of 2.5 were a perfectly routine natural phenomenon globally.

The government has now overturned the 2019 moratorium on Fracking. In response Extinction Rebellion have vowed to 'smash fracking' wherever it is attempted, calling on local green groups to held their war on fossil fuels. The eco-mentalists have vowed to restart their campaign to target fracking sites, politicians and energy company bosses in a effort to have the process stopped. Your gas bill coming down?, no, they can't have that.

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