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Florida Man Who Called Anti-Vaxxers 'Stupid and Uninformed' Dead After COVID-19 Jab

Another Vaccine Death Denier dies after having the 'safe and effective' drug.

Richard Rowe, a 41 year old man from Florida, was a well known public figure who ran for election to the Florida House of Representatives describing himself as "powerhouse progressive and LGBT". He used his public platform to repeatedly attack "anti-vaxxers" on social media calling them 'stupid', 'uninformed' and blamed them for the death of others.

The wouldbe politician stated:

"If you’re an anti mask anti-vaxxer, I DO NOT CARE what happens to you. And I don’t care why you believed it. Other people’s lies take root in the lies we tell ourselves." and added:

“I am probably the smartest person you know, and I spent 8 months analyzing this thing.”

Turns out he wasn't, far from it in fact.

The self-proclaimed vaccine 'expert' spent the last month of his life spitting vitriol at those he had decided weren't as clever or well informed as him. The COVID Vaccine Victims Telegram channel captured these screenshots from social media that featured the ignorant vitriol of yet another who equated believing government propaganda with intellect.

Rowe's frequent social media attacks on "Anti-Vaxxers" abruptly stopped after he'd received a second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. There was silence from Rowe for two days before neighbours discovered his body and alerted his family. His Niece said he had died from an "unknown medical episode".

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