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Europe Erupts in Second Night of Violence Against Medical Tyranny

The people of Europe are rising up against the Totalitarianism that is sweeping the continent.

Europe saw a second night of protests in response to Governments across the continent imposing laws that amount to medical tyranny.

Tens of thousands took to Amsterdam’s central Square and the Hague on Saturday following the gunning down of seven protesters by police during a protest in Rotterdam on Friday. Special 'Lockdown' Police have been drafted in to break-up the protests with units heavily armed and wearing paramilitary style uniforms. The shooting of people, thought by authorities to quell the rioters, has had the opposite effect, bringing more citizens onto the streets.

Austria, whose government who are issuing more extreme Covid laws almost on an hourly basis, have also seen violence as thousands took to the streets there. The police made a number of arrests, for breaches of Coronavirus restrictions and the ban on Nazi symbols completely missing the irony in all that. Some protestors mockingly wore doctor's scrubs and tinfoil hats. The crowd of more than 30,000 chanted 'resistance!' with many holding signs mocking government leaders including Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg and Health Minister Wolfgang Mueckstein.

In Italy, thousands gathered in the capital to protest the implementation of vaccine passports. Called 'Green Pass' certificates they will be required at workplaces, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, sports venues and gyms, as well as all public transport throughout the country. The Green Pass will actively exclude unvaccinated people entirely from society until they submit to taking the vaccine.

Switzerland, a country not known for public protests, saw thousands of people stage protests ahead of an upcoming referendum on whether to approve the government's COVID-19 restrictions law, the protesters were said to have been angered at reports the government would push-through the law, regardless of the referendum outcome.

In Croatia, thousands gathered at in the capital Zagreb, carrying Croatian flags, religious symbols and anti-vaccine posters. Croatian authorities have entirely disregarded the people's freedoms imposing covid laws and vaccine mandates that rob Croatians of their hard-earned civil liberties.

Denmark, thousands gathered outside the Danish parliament in Copenhagen angered at the government's reintroduction of the national health pass. Health officials in Denmark have claimed that there has been a stark-rise in cases, but the public have now realised that this is mere propaganda used to justify vaccine passports.

North Macedonia also saw freedom fighters march in downtown Skopje on Saturday evening against the country's health authority's imposing of mandatory vaccinations. Protestors in the state have warned that if the government goes ahead with the plan, that protests would turn violent.

Demonstrations against the medical tyranny that is sweeping across the continent are expected in other European countries as people are waking-up to the fact that there is no evidence of a killer-plague.

Meanwhile in the UK, a SAGE scientist has used the riots across europe as' justification' for getting the booster jab claiming that all of the events across the continent are due to rising cases. He will probably be promoted for that display of mental acrobatics.

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