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EU Leaders Planned to Ban Le Pen from European Parliament if she became President

European Union leaders had secretly drawn up plans to prevent Marie Le Pen from taking up the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union if she had won the French election.

Reuters report that EU leaders had breathed a 'sigh of relief' after French President Emmanuel Macron won a second term, winning over rival Marie Le Pen who was set to dismantle the bloc if she'd won power. But reports out of Brussels yesterday suggested that EU officials had devised plans to prevent Le Pen from ever occupying a seat in the EU parliament if she'd won power anyway.

France is currently half-way through its presidency of the Council of the European Union and the prospect of Marie Le Pen taking up the roll was seen as a threat to the bloc's very future existence. With the threat of Le Pen winning EU officials began drafting up secret plans that would prevent Le Pen occupying the EU presidency seat.

Marie Le Pen is feared by EU officials as she is not part of the EU project. On Thursday morning polls were indicating that Le Pen may very well win, sending shockwaves through the corridors of EU buildings. Brussels was set to invoke a secret plan to deny Le Pen participating in the EU parliament with a hurriedly drawn-up pseudo-legal document that would have denied her office if she was not 'fully signed-up to the EU project'. Effectively she would have needed to pledge her allegiance to the European Project before being allowed to enter the EU parliament. All sorts of constitutional clauses would suddenly be cited designed to stop Le Pen were she to have won the French election.

"She would never have been allowed to take over the council presidency, the office is issued to the person, not the country" claimed one official. Whilst another stated: "Le Pen's far-right politics is not compatible with the Union's inclusive message" adding "We would have ensured that Le Pen's plans could not have been realised, there is no way she would have been allowed to take up the presidency under any circumstances."

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