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EU Approves Punitive Co2 Tax on Every Individual's Heating, Petrol, and Diesel.

Millions will be directly punished for heating their homes and driving their cars.

|n a momentous move by the EU, new punitive taxes will be applied to petrol, diesel and even heating fuels, due to what the legislators claim is a continued rise in 'climate warming emissions'.

The new taxes, the first of their kind, will be directly applied at the pump and meter, pricing many out of driving a car or heating their homes completely as prices are set to be even higher than they are at the moment.

The scheme, set to start in 2027, is the latest measure to reform the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), the bloc’s supposed 'flagship climate policy instrument.'

“The biggest challenge was ETS2,” said Peter Liese, a German lawmaker who represented the European Parliament in the two-day negotiation which started on Friday and concluded on Sunday morning (18 December). Legislators decided to start pricing the carbon emissions stemming from burning fossil fuels in road transport and heating in 2027, with a price ceiling of €45 per tonne. According to EU officials; this will apply until 2030.

The deal is “even bigger than envisioned by the European Commission,” Liese said, because it now includes “process heat” from industrial activities as well as office heating, which are included in the scope of the new scheme. The boast appears to ignore the likelihood that this may kill-off Germany's manufacturing as their is little or no alternative to fossil fuel burning, regardless of the Green-hype.

Agriculture and fisheries won’t have to pay the extra carbon cost because they are “sensitive” sectors, Liese admitted. However, an equally destructive decision to outlaw Trains running on diesel are also out of the scope of the system and won’t see their carbon emissions taxed as a result. Farmers have not escaped the guillotine though, they are facing mass confiscation of farmland due to too much Nitrogen in the soil, another con.

“Citizens in the EU must expect higher CO2 prices,” said Michael Bloss, a technocrat who was part of the group creating the law.

This is one of many punitive taxes that western governments are planning. Climate taxes will soon be applied to everything; food, travel, clothing, property and all new possessions. Technocrats have realised that climate change is the perfect Trojan Horse to install Marxist regimes where democracies once stood.


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