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Election Rigging: META Launch 'Real-Time Content Censorship Unit' to Ensure Biden Victory

This is how Facebook is about to manipulate you.

Facebook (Meta) have launched a 'real-time censorship unit' ahead of the 2024 US elections to help Joe Biden remain as president according to reports out of Silicon Valley.

Facebook are known to have helped fix the 2020 election with mass censorship of Republican content, whilst all the time promoting the falsehood that Russia were attempting to fix it. However, to ensure that Joe Biden retains the White House, Facebook have deployed AI technology that allows them to control the narrative in real time.

As a 'second line of defence' Zuckerberg has quadrupled his 'fact-checkers'; predominantly failed journalists running faux organisations secretly funded by George Soros.

Meta who gather data on you through Facebook; Messenger; Instagram and Whatsapp messages are now employing AI to monitor you even closer on the run up to the Election. The Artificial Intelligence has the ability to shut you down if it detects that you are a Trump supporter. It will censor content, shadow-ban profiles, and alter algorithms all without your knowledge. Meanwhile Democrats will have their posts promoted, free of any fact-checking, and pushed up news-feed rankings.

Half the world are facing elections this year, and to ensure that those people vote the 'right way' Meta have set up an 'Election Operations Center' whose job it is to identify what it calls 'potential threats' and deploy real-time "mitigation", its fancy word for Censorship.

Despite the various lawsuits over 'fact checkers' and the clear election fixing in 2020, Meta has announced it is continuing to rely on them, and even boasts about having “the largest fact-checking network of any platform.” They reportedly have 40,000 fact-checkers, over 60% of their entire workforce, all frantically trying to stop the truth slipping out.

But Meta thinks fact checkers alone are not enough to swing the 2024 election, and to ensure a Biden victory this time they are deploying AI to mass-monitor the public.

The technology is learning, in real time. It is building up a detailed profile of you as it goes: It knows what you buy, what you wear, what you eat, how much you earn, who your friends are, what music you like, your sexual preferences and, crucially, who you'll vote for in the upcoming elections. Armed with that information it can now change the algorithm, in real time, to control the narrative.

It has control of what 3.5 Billion people see and hear on a daily basis. Its able to manipulate users to a much greater extent than most could possibly imagine, using it to fix an election is just the start.

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