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Elderly and Vulnerable Were Euthanised with Midazolam to 'Save the NHS'

Means, motive and opportunity all coalesced in March 2020, resulting in thousands being euthanised by the state.

"physicians have been empowered to grant a mercy death to patients considered incurable, the mentally ill, and the handicapped.” That's not a quote from the NHS. but from a Nazi document published in October 1939. Yet, it bears a striking resemblance to the pandemic plan drawn up by the British Government and dutifully carried out by the NHS in 2020.

The Government drew up secret plans to 'withdraw' hospital care from people in nursing homes and in hospitals, some as young as 70, in the event of a severe flu pandemic. Confidential Whitehall documents seen, by the Telegraph, show that the NHS were told to refuse treatment to those in care homes and in geriatric hospital wards and, instead, put the patients on the 'end of life pathway'.

DNR was secretly added to the medical records of thousands of elderly and disabled people to 'save the NHS'

Whitehall suggested that the Health Secretary had the power to authorise medics to prioritise one patient over another, or even stop providing critical care altogether, even in the event of a flu pandemic. The Telegraph disclosed that care homes were asked by NHS managers and GPs to place “Do Not Resuscitate” orders on ALL residents at the height of the pandemic to keep hospital beds free.

According to retired GP and author Vernon Coleman: Thousands of elderly and vulnerable people were tricked into having DNR added to their medical records in 2019, in preparation for a pandemic. Coleman maintains that DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) on their medical records was added to sacrifice them to “Protect the NHS”.

Mentally Ill people were included in the list of those to be euthanised, including one 50 year old with Down Syndrome, a 45 year old with Autism, and one man whose only illness was 'mild depression'.

In a shocking video that was banned by YouTube Coleman reported a series of incidents where patients, by no means at the end of their life, were included in the sickening deception. He went on to detail how one GP surgery sent out a letter to a care home catering for autistic adults saying that the carers should have plans to prevent their patients being resuscitated if they became critically ill, and another of a 51 year old man with Down Syndrome who was given a DNR because of that disability.

Triaged based on Government needs not Patient needs.

Documents seen by the Telegraph revealed that the Government proposed triaging patients based on "their probability of survival", rather than ‘clinical need’ and this was on the opinion of NHS managers if they thought resources would be exhausted. They suggested that even in a severe flu pandemic, the Health Secretary could authorise medics to prioritise one patient over another, and even stop providing critical care altogether, effectively consigning those people to an horrific death.

6 out of 10 people recorded as having died from COVID-19 in 2020 were disabled.

It isn't known how many of the deaths in 2020 were actually brought about by a DNR order, because the figures aren't kept, but a meta analysis of ONS figures last year revealed that 6 out of 10 people recorded as having died from COVID-19 in 2020 were disabled. The Health Foundation said of the ONS figures "COVID-19 has had an unequal impact on disabled people who have been among the hardest hit in terms of deaths from the virus. Worryingly, today’s data confirms this trend, showing that 6 out of 10 people who have died with COVID-19 are disabled. " The Health Foundation go on to assume that this sickening statistic was due to a lack of support. But the evidence suggests these deaths were much likely a deliberate act.

Elderly and Vulnerable were targeted for Euthanasia to 'Save the NHS'

This mean that any elderly or disabled person suffering from anything that could have potentially turned into a life threatening situation, was targeted for euthanasia to 'save the NHS'.

There is mounting evidence to suggest that, those patients who had DNR and who fell ill during the claimed peak, were then ‘helped on their way’ with a combination of powerful drugs. This 'freed up' hospital beds, but also increased Covid death figures. If an elderly person had DNR on their notes and were unfortunate enough to fall ill during Covid, they were euthanized by the NHS.

Prescriptions for Midazolam and Morphine shot up in March 2020

Prescriptions for opioid drugs Midazolam and Morphine shot up during the early days of the pandemic, with many now believing that, rather than being used to provide pain relief for patients they were used to hasten their death. The sudden spike in covid deaths in March 2020 appears to be unlike any other virus progression and leads many to question the official narrative.

Many are now suggesting that the spike in deaths in elderly and disabled people was largely due to Midazolam and Morphine injections give by medical staff. Certainly, prescriptions for the two powerful drugs shot up in March 2020 along with higher doses administered. On it's own it is not conclusive, but viewed in context with mass DNR orders and the whitehall documents instructing doctors to withdraw care for anyone deemed 'unviable' and all of a sudden it is looking far more likely.

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