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Drag Queen in Training Badges Handed to 4-year-olds

A school in Brooklyn handed out stickers to 4-year-old children during a ‘drag queen story time’ event that proclaimed “drag queen in training.”

According to Twitter user @beyondreasdoubt, the stickers were handed out by the unnamed private school during a “family day” that included the appearance of drag queens performing to the children.

The event was part of the 'Drag Queen Story Time' programme that have seen events being held across the US and the UK. These events, which we have reported on previously at Vision News, feature heavily sexualised content.

Videos of other 'Drag Queen Story Time' events have emerged online, one showing a Drag Queen teaching children how to twerk, the other with a girl who is made to watch a drag act performing an overtly sexualised dance whilst adults look on.

Campaigners have referred to these events as 'grooming', and have called for these to be banned. This is considered by many as organised child abuse and some are calling for those who have sanctioned it to face prosecution.

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