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Dr Robert Malone Backs Andrew Bridgen MP

The original inventor of the mRNA process is backing Andrew Bridgen MP.

An extract of Dr Malone's blog:

The Honorable Andrew Bridgen MP
It is time to stand up and support the many heroes in this battle.

Last week, I was asked by John Mappin if I would fly into London to help support the honorable Andrew Bridgen, MP in his quest to clear his name and to help spread the word about the censorship and barriers to free speech which he has encountered while trying to help alert the public to the the adverse events associated with the vaccine.

Jill and I immediately decided that this was a trip worth taking.

Brian Rose of “London Real” heard that I would be coming to town and asked for a sit-down interview. I consider him a friend and fellow truth warrior, and I had the time directly after landing, and so was glad to enthusiastically agree.

Once we landed at Heathrow, Jill and I took an Uber to the new studio of “London Real”. I had been thinking the interview with Brian would be two hours max, but almost five hours later, the interview finished. Another great hit with Brian, and we covered a wide range of topics. I love giving the long format interviews, but the truth is that making one’s self emotionally vulnerable, fact-based and being in the present for that long, can really wear you out! Jill and left his studio to arrive at the wonderful Connaught Hotel.

There we had a small dinner party with our host Mr. John Mappin, the Honorable Andrew Bridgen, MP and leaders in the fight for freedom of speech, medical freedom, justice, anti-fascism, globalism and freeing the people of England from an increasingly corrupt and authoritarian government, one which seems hell bent on rejoining the European Union.

The dinner lasted long into the UK morning (easy when you are on Eastern time) allowed us all to strategize, listen, compare battle scars and work out a plan for tomorrow’s big reception. I think it was two in the morning, when we wrapped up the session and someone snapped this image in the lobby of the hotel.

This evening, there will be a private reception featuring the Hononable Andrew Bridgen MP, Dr. Aseem Malholtra, Dr. Ryan Cole, Eva Vlaardingerbroek, other luminaries and myself. The title of the reception is -

“ An evening Celebration of the Importance of Freedom of Speech Outside and Inside Parliament and Our Vital Need to Ensure Safety of Medical Protocols.”

Why is this important?

As many know, Mr Bridgen, the Member of Parliament (MP) for North West Leicestershire (UK), was removed from his position of whip for the Conservative party when he tweeted that a consultant cardiologist had told him the vaccine roll-out was “the biggest crime against humanity since the Holocaust”. Mr Bridgen could permanently lose the party whip - meaning he will sit as an independent, depending on the outcome of an “investigation.”

That would be an investigation to not allow free speech from a serving member of British Parliament. His free speech sin was expressing opinions, based on evidence-based, peer reviewed papers about the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine and the adverse events associated with it. Party members from both sides of the aisle tried to spin what Mr. Bridgen said as anti-semitic. Many, including many Jewish scientists feel differently.

Jewish scientists from around the world have called on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to withdraw claims that Leicestershire MP Andrew Bridgen is guilty of making antisemitic comments. The request was made in an open letter to the PM amidst the continued controversy over Mr Bridgen’s remarks where he compared Covid-19 vaccinations to the Holocaust.

The group, which includes epidemiology expert and former advisor to the Israeli Healthcare Public Committee, Dr Ifat Abadi-Korek, claims that the PM’s remarks “seized upon an opportunity” to criticise the outspoken MP. They also believed the remarks “limited free speech” and the right to question vaccine efficacy.

This is the reason Jill and I are here. To support Andrew Bridgen. To support the rights of any member of British Parliament to speak freely. To stop censorship. In the USA, we have a republic with a strong constitution and Bill of Rights to protect the people right to free speech, the UK is not so lucky.

So, tomorrow we have a reception to show support for the Honorable Andrew Bridgen. Myself and others will provide the entertainment to a mixed audience of politicians and luminaries in the form of brief lectures about the free speech, propaganda, censorship and the need to ensure medical freedom and safety.

However, it is important to note that many believe that it wasn’t the tweet that got Mr. Bridgen suspended, but rather a speech given to Parliament in December. A speech which has generated an enormous number of views and interest.


I know that speech in the House of Commons is protected by Parliamentary privilege, but surely, Andrew Bridgen MP has a clear cut case for sueing Slippery Sunak and anyone else that made the anti semitism slur for blatant defamation. The pathetic attempt to smear Andrew Bridgen MP with the anti semitism brush wasn't made in closed session, it was made with the cameras rolling so Slippery and his mates can't deny it. I would love to see Slippery and all of his likewise bought and paid for allies taken to the cleaners.


The chances of this seeing the light of day in the MSM is precisely...ZERO.

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