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Door-to-door Search for Mutation to Help Data Fit Narrative

And what's the betting they'll discover it and apply more lockdowns?

In a blatant attempt to 'prove' the narrative that a new, more deadly variant of the Coronavirus is about to kill us all, Public Health England have begun going door to door to find it. 'Experts' have also repeated the story that the new mutation 'could affect the current crop of vaccines' and are planning to change 'could' to 'does' in two weeks time.

Health officials will carry out swabs on doorsteps in Woking in Surrey, Walsall in the West Midlands, as well as parts of London, Kent, Hertfordshire in an attempt to find this mutation, and they will, because the narrative depends on it.

More than 80,000 people will be targeted as part of the surveillance scheme which will undoubtedly confirm the virus is in everyone it tests because they appear to be using PCR tests which regularly gives false-positives. In fact, they're so bad they're just as likely to find Shergar and Lord Lucan.

PCR Tests may provide answers to the whereabouts of Lord Lucan

Residents will be asked to take a test regardless of whether or not they have symptoms and, should the test come back positive (and let's assume that's a given) the resident will be told to self-isolate for two weeks. It is unclear if residents can refuse the test itself but cannot refuse to self-isolate as noncompliance is punishable by law.

Public Health England already claims to have found 105 cases of the variant, including 11 people who had the virus but had no history of international travel. It's not clear exactly how this development will be used by SAGE but it is likely that they use this as the 'reason' to ban travel.

Health officials claim to be anxious' not to let another Covid variant run rampant, with Matt Hancock saying that he will 'come down hard on the South African Variant, which is an obfuscated way of saying more lockdowns, because all of this, always means more lockdowns.

The South African variant has mutations on its spike protein which scientists claim will make it difficult for the immune system to recognise, even in vaccinated people. Now, there's a surprise.

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