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Doomsday Climate Models Wrong Again Met Office Data Shows - No Temperature Rise in a Decade

These data make a mockery of the Net Zero political project.

Despite all the predictions, all the apocalyptic warnings temperatures across the U.K. have barely moved for over a decade compared to the latest 30-year average.

The Met Office has, belatedly, dropped the 1980s from its trend line (unbroken red on graph above) and added in data from the 2010s. before this change the Met Office had been peddling old data in their reports that supported the idea that climate change was happening. As the graph shows, however, the move to more up-to-date data highlight the flatlining trend that has been evident for some time.

Across the planet, warming ran out of steam some time ago. Both surface and satellite data show no warming for over seven years. In the U.K., last year was 0.34°C colder than 2020 and the coldest year since 2015. The 2010s were colder than the 2000s. In central England, the year was as cool as 1733, 1779 and 1779. This sort of inconvenient data has led the Met Office and most mainstream media to focus on individual weather events. Every hot day is labelled as proof of climate change, whilst every cold one is.. just weather. They have repeatedly promoted the idea that weather events are proof positive of human induced climate change due to burning fossil fuels.

Look past the hysteria, and the BBC's propaganda, and you see that the data doesn't fit the computer models, and what's more, never does.

Yesterday both the Met Office and the BBC were running climate change propaganda stories about two warm winter days. Such stories are given considerable prominence across the BBC, while the recent news about the coldest six month winter on record at the South Pole was entirely ignored. Didn't fit the narrative. In his recent book Unsettled, Steven Koonin, an Energy Under-Secretary of Science in the Obama Administration, was particularly contemptuous of promoting individual weather events to make political points. Weather, he shouldn’t have needed noting, is not climate. The BBC should take note, as that is ALL they do.

Actual temperature readings are not playing ball with the Net Zero political agenda. Almost all discussion of the subject surrounds the guesses made by always wrong climate models. Many of these forecast dramatic and sudden hikes between 3°C to 6°C in the near future, despite temperatures only rising 1.1C since about 1820. In 2019, the Guardian doubled down on climate change by favouring the term “climate heating” over “global warming”. Editor-in-Chief Katharine Viner noted: “We want to ensure that we are being scientifically precise”. Announcing the move, the Guardian quoted Professor Richard Betts from the Met Office who claimed, “global heating was a more accurate term than global warming to describe the changes taking place in the world’s climate”. Other housekeeping duties announced by the newspaper included updating the term “climate sceptic” to “climate science denier”.

The media, and politicians are now having to go to increasingly greater lengths to cover up the truth. These data make a mockery of the Net Zero political project, it should be dead in the water.

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For accurate info about the climate, just visit, or check out the owner ( Tony Heller ) of that sites' videos on Youtube. No hysteria, or apocalytic claims. Just cold hard facts with evidence from newspaper archives gong back to the 1800s, and even further than that sometimes. Oh yes, and unlike that annoying little twat Greta, and her ilk, he's actually got a long list of relevant qualifications and credentials. You can read some of them here:

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