Do White Lives Matter?

The Human race should be ashamed of itself. It regularly demonises an entire minority race based on nothing more than the colour of its skin. It denies the huge achievements that the minority has brought to the world, and believes the race to be violent, selfish and corrupt. Member’s of the minority were enslaved in their millions in the 16th and 17th centuries and even today they are the victims of systemic racism in countries right across the world.

That race is White.

Percentage wise, the white race is by far the smallest on earth: outnumbered by the Chinese, Asian and African races many times over. And as so many push the global agenda, it is becoming blatantly obvious that the white race is the most hated in the world.

A startling fact about this minority that has been completely erased is that during the 16th and 17th Centuries over two million White Europeans were enslaved by African Barbary Pirates from the North African Coast. European slaves were acquired by Barbary pirates in slave raids on ships and by raids on coastal towns from Italy to the Netherlands, Ireland and the Southwest of Britain, as far north as Iceland and into the eastern Mediterranean. For two hundred years coastal villages in Devon and Cornwall in England lived in constant fear of attack.

The slave trade that is never talked about in British Schools or Universities easily equalled the brutality of the black slave trade that was happening elsewhere at the time. Academic Thomas Sowell said of White slaves "More whites were brought as slaves to North Africa than blacks to the United States."

The entire basis of the BLM argument is that some of their ancestors were once enslaved by white men; it is always the second thing brought up, right after "police murdering black people every day" lie. The fact that Africans were enslaving white people, just as brutally, for just as long, and in higher numbers, shows this argument to be bias. Academics in western Universities have entirely erased this from their teachings, because it doesn't fit the Marxist narrative. The biased, bigoted narrative that the likes of psudo-intellectual clowns David Olusoga, and Professor of Black History: Khindi Andrews regularly spout on our televisions and in our classrooms.

Even the current assertion "Black people are being murdered by police every day" has no basis in truth. Even in America, where both police and criminals routinely carry guns, it is a rare occurrence, if it were happening every day, as they assert, then the death of George Floyd would not have made headlines, it would have barely got a mention.

Campaigners in Britain, who wrongly believe the situation here is the same as the US, readily spout this falsehood. Ironically they often follow-up this slogan with "educate yourselves" , something they have spectacularly failed to do themselves. You don't have to be an historian or a statistician to find the facts, you can easily look them up, but the activist shouting these hollow slogans have not even bothered to do a google search, preferring to post impteen pictures of themselves destroying something on Instagram. If they had bothered to look up the facts they would have seen that, in the UK, overwhelmingly it is White people, not black, who are dying at the hands of the police.