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Disappeared- India's Covid Crisis Has Vanished from the BBC: Here's Why

We all saw it, propaganda dutifully broadcast by the BBC to convince us that a new, even more deadly, variant of Covid had emerged, this time from India. They claimed it had come to Britain and was the excuse used to delay unlocking and push vaccines.

After a month of this propaganda it suddenly stopped. Over night we went from lead story on the six o'clock news to literally nothing. Why exactly was that? Did the story serve its purpose and get dropped? Did the BBC simply lose interest? Or did something else happen; something that didn't fit the narrative? (Clue: it's the third one).

The Indian 'third-wave' was reported as being caused by a mutation, the start of a new phase of the pandemic. Various 'experts' were wheeled out to claim that this was so different from 'standard' Covid that it should be treated as a new virus entirely, and this one definitely had your name on it. Vaccines wouldn't be effective against it of course, and new formulas would be needed if we were ever going to defeat this foe, whilst in the same breath suggesting that everyone should get the existing jab. Meanwhile, the Indian government began a vaccine campaign with the existing jab to fight a mutation that we were told would need a new one for. Go figure.

Several videos emerged from people on social media who said that there was no crisis, no pandemic, and hospitals were no busier than normal. One was filmed outside the same hospital, on the same day as the BBC's 'shock' report. The weeping and wailing families all mysteriously disappearing the second the BBC had left the scene. These videos were quickly removed from Facebook, Youtube and Twitter as they also exposed the lie for what it was.

When you look at the actual data, peak infection was reached on the 6th of May. Yet the BBC continued the lie that infections were still rising for days after the peak had been reached. In reality, they rose rapidly, but descended equally as fast. As soon as this could be seen in the data the BBC stopped showing the charts and just showed more people weeping and wailing outside hospitals.

It had been claimed that the huge drop in infections, hospitalisations and deaths were due to the vaccine programme, but again, this is a lie. Closer study of the figures show that at the point infections started to drop dramatically Indian authorities had managed to Vaccinate just 2.3% of the population. At present they've still only managed to Vaccinate roughly 5% of the people.

The real reason for this startling drop in infections and deaths is due to Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.

Yes Really.

On the 28th April 2021, just a week before infections started to plummet the Indian Government issued revised guidelines to Doctors treating Covid patients. In the document it states:

'Consider Tab Ivermectin (200 mcg/kg once a day, to be taken empty stomach) for 3 to 5 days.'

'The care giver and all close contacts of such cases should take Hydroxychloroquine prophylaxis as per protocol and as described by the treating medical officer.'

Within days of these drugs being issued cases of infection and death dropped, dramatically.

Make no mistake, it was these two cheap, readily available drugs that cured the patients. The very same two drugs that experts had run a disinformation campaign about, and even banned in some countries, just so they could push vaccines and lockdowns as the only cures.

The BBC joined in with the vilification of these two drugs, running endless disinformation pieces, including the trashing of medical studies that proved they were effective. The World Health Organisation, realising that these two drugs could prevent and cure the vast majority of cases would mean the game was up for the global pandemic lie, and so hurriedly rushed out studies claiming the drugs didn't work against Covid-19, whilst, at the same time, removing the studies that showed they did.

The Indian Covid Crisis proves what we've known all along. That Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are effective in the treatment of Covid. There is no need for vaccines, and never was. The BBC saw this so killed the story, and we all moved on.

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