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Detective Investigating Infant Death Links to mRNA Vaccines Goes on Trial in Canada

“Attention all Ottawa Police SIDS investigators... don't mention the Covid vaccines again.”

The Canadian Government have put an independent Journalist on trial, her crime? looking into infant deaths linked to mRNA vaccines.

Constable Helen Grus, a 20-year veteran detective with the sexual assault and child abuse unit of the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) has gone on trial for her 'crime' according to the Ottawa Citizen newspaper.

According to the Ottawa Citizen: Grus allegedly accessed case files of newborn and infant death investigations to which she wasn't assigned and inquired with the coroner about whether the parents of babies who had died unexpectedly during the pandemic were vaccinated against COVID-19.

Prosecutors also allege Grus contacted the father of a deceased baby directly on Jan. 30, 2022, to inquire about the mother’s COVID-19 vaccination status.

During Covid, a waiter could inquire about a parent's vaccination status, but a detective couldn't.

The investigation by Ottawa Police into potential links between mRNA vaccines and Sudden Infant Deaths in pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, the only investigation of the potential crime, was halted due to Grus's suspension and subsequent charges.

“Attention all Ottawa Police SIDS investigators... don't mention the Covid vaccines again.”

Ottawa Police Sergeant Marc-Andre Guy

Formally, Grus is charged with “ discreditable conduct” under section 2(1) of Ontario’s Police Services Act, plus, the prosecution has served her with a notice of increased penalty, which allows the OPS to seek her dismissal, demote her, or ask for a forfeiture of pay or vacation.

CBC News leaked the story, allowing a trial-by-media and hobbling the internal investigation.

On March 28, 2022, although Grus's suspension was not yet public knowledge, CBC Ottawa published a story sourced from anonymous leaks within the Ottawa police, initiating a trial by media. Before publishing the story, CBC gave the OPS a 24-hour deadline to respond, thus commandeering the direction and timeline of the internal investigation.

The news agency reported the detective as a conspiracy theorist writing: "Sources also described Grus as holding anti-mask and anti-vaccine views in the workplace. CBC News has learned she was one of fewer than 10 Ottawa police officers placed on unpaid leave after the service imposed a mandatory vaccine policy for all employees." "In a statement to CBC News, the Ottawa Police Service confirmed her suspension and said it "related to an ongoing conduct investigation by the professional standards unit."

I have no doubt that sources were motivated to speak about this because it’s, you know, to their mind, a further victimization of who are innocent people who are having the worst time in their lives, that it strikes really at the heart of what police are supposed to do.” the CBC reporter wrote.

Following the CBC leak, OPS’ Professional Services Unit launched an investigation into who leaked it, but this investigation was abandoned. During Grus’ trial in August 2023, her defence team argued that the leak is what resulted in formal charges, requested disclosure of evidence regarding why this investigation was abandoned and attempted to subpoena and cross-examine the CBC News reporter, but their request was denied.

Both Best and Grus’ lawyer contend this was an illegal leak, “Because police officers criminally gave (Yogaretnam) the information, which resulted in the public outrage, which resulted in Grus being charged,” said Best. “It’s as simple as that … The rogue Ottawa Police officers who illegally provided confidential information to Yogaretnam undoubtedly also knew and intended that their actions would cause chaos in the internal investigation. The Criminal Code Section 129 calls that ‘Obstruct Police’.

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