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Cow-To-Human Infection of Bird Flu Claimed by US Health Officials as Man Dies in Texas

Chicken and Beef begin to be removed from supermarket shelves.

According to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, senior Biden administration officials are “monitoring” the bird flu outbreak that recently resulted in a human being infected after eating beef from an infected cow.

The White House is now claimed to be on red alert for bird flu after health officials revealed a Texan dairy farmer caught a deadly bird flu strain from a cow. The patient is only the second-ever American to be diagnosed with H5N1, but the virus is claimed to be spreading among cattle in multiple US states after jumping the species barrier from birds. According to experts the virus has jumped the species barrier a second time, and is now infecting humans.

Officials at the CDC announced the case today but claimed the threat to the public remains low at this time, insisting that early analyses suggested it had not mutated in a way that would allow it to infect people more easily.

HHS and the USDA are keeping White House advisors in the loop regarding the outbreak, which could allegedly become the next pandemic akin to Covid-19.

On Tuesday, the nation’s largest chicken egg producer said it temporarily halted production at a Texas plant due to chickens coming down with Bird Flu. The Texas plant was forced to cull almost 2 million hens thanks to the outbreak.

An egg facility in Michigan was also reportedly hit with a Bird Flu outbreak this week.

So far, Texas, Kansas, Idaho, Ohio and Michigan are the only states Infowars can report have confirmed outbreaks in cattle.

The theory of the H5N1 virus jumping species is the same theory purported as fact in the Bird Flu Pandemic of 2004, with Professor Neil Ferguson claiming that the resulting outbreak would kill 65,000 Britons, a total fantasy, as in all likelihood experts who were not in the pay of big pharma said that nobody died from it as the virus had most likely not jumped species after all.

However, despite this, and despite all we have learned through the Covid-19 scamdemic, Health experts continue to push these lies. All the same players, the same stories, the same 'fear porn' is being prepared.

This time however, the goal may be different; with Chicken, and Beef removed from supermarket shelves. customers may be forced to eat the WEF alternatives: Lab grown meat and mashed insects.

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The sick bastards aren't going to give up easily on their power trips.😡

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