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Covid Variant Could Kill Between 30 and 91% More Infected People (But only a 50% Chance of That)

Yes, absolute gibberish

Of course, all this bollocks was not done to give the public any more information, it was done to scare us into continuing to cower under our beds, and for them to maintain power.

Friday's 'science' briefing was awash with meaningless numbers, vague claims, and ridiculous scare-stories. With more promises that the pandemic will get 'even worse' and that we are all going to be dead by Easter if we don't do as we're told (I'm Paraphrasing there).

Johnson was told on Friday morning that the first major study of the 'Kent' mutation (yes, we've gone back to that one) had found evidence it is more lethal as well as being up to 70% more infectious. (the 70% nonsense was debunked by Carl Henagan but don't let facts get in the way of a good scare-story)

Vallance and Whitty continued with this gibberish by announcing there was a lot of uncertainty about the emerging research, initial analysis by three universities suggested the new Covid variant could kill between 30 and 91% more infected people than the original strain. So, that's cleared that up then.

The numbers sound scarily high, and that's the point. They may as well have said them with some sinister music playing in the background for full effect, because when they later announced that the actual analysis concluded the Kent variant is likely to kill 1.3% of those who get it, compared with 1% for the original strain it suddenly doesn't sound anywhere near as frightening.

But wait, it gets even more ridiculous: A SAGE warning revealing that scientists are only 50% sure the Kent strain of coronavirus could be more deadly was handed to ministers just hours before Friday night’s ‘scare-mongering’ press conference, revealed by the Mail Online.

The report continued: Evidence for increased mortality remains thin – NERVTAG papers reveal that the term “realistic possibility” is used when scientists are only 40 to 50% confident something is true.

So, to recap: the experts know that the mutated virus is 70% more transmissible, and are 50% sure that it might kill between 30% and 91% more infected people that equates to 0.3 of a person in every 100. - yeah, utter GIBBERISH.

But don't think for a moment that these 'experts' are incompetent, because they are not. They are very, very clever indeed; this is all done to spread fear and confusion. It's a form of misdirection designed to stop us seeing what's really going on.

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