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Covid-19: The 7 Mistakes That Killed Tens of Thousands and Destroyed the Economy

1. China knew about the virus in November of 2019 but failed to alert the world to its dangers.

2. The World Health Organisation took Communist China's propaganda at face value instead of investigating the outbreak themselves.

3. UK Airports and Seaports remained open with thousands of potentially sick people arriving from pandemic stricken countries allowed to go into the population unchecked. Australia shut their borders much earlier and this significantly lowered the death rate there.

4. Failure to test in sufficient numbers, even though this was considered best-practice. Germany did it, and continue to do it, the results of which speak for themselves.

5. Public Health England and The Department of Health refusing to accept research findings on any drugs or equipment from other countries, insisting on replicating it for themselves, which needlessly lengthens time getting a possible cure to patients.

6. The message about wearing of face masks kept changing as 'experts' ignored commonsense and claimed they would not reduce the spread before changing their advice to say they would. Undoubtedly that costing lives.

7. Burying the Cygnus Pandemic report instead of acting upon it.

Once this immediate crisis is over a full investigation into the actions of WHO and Public Health England needs to be carried out. The Public deserve answers.

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