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Councils Employ Army of Net-Zero Bureaucrats with Powers to Ban Non-Compliant Landlords

If they consider your business is not eco-friendly enough, you'll be banned from trading.

Landlords must comply with £20,000 Net-Zero Upgrade or face license being revoked.

UK Landlords are being forced to spend up to £20,000 per property in order to bring them up to Net-Zero specification. Local Councils are employing an army of bureaucrats to ensure the new laws are adhered to. Called EPC Assessors the council bureaucrats will have the power to issue fines, court summons and even revoke a landlord's licence if they feel that the property isn't eco-friendly enough.

Landlords will soon be barred from letting properties in England and Wales unless they upgrade them to an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of C or above. Those who fail face a £30,000 fine, and being barred from renting out the properties.

EPC ratings the latest mcguffin by authorities to target private businesses. Claimed to be a key part of the government's plan to tackle climate change there is no benefit to either the landlord, or the tenant, merely a huge outlay, and another demand to jump through hoops.

The hefty costs will be passed down to unsuspecting tenants, although Labour held councils have floated the idea of rent-caps which would force landlords to pick up the bill. The new rules are set to destroy thousands of businesses whose margins are already small. Two in three landlords could be forced to sell their buy-to-let properties in the next five years, as they fear they will be unable to meet these requirements, according to a survey by the Mortgage Advice Bureau.

Meanwhile, labour-held councils are relishing the opportunity to restrict landlords with more vague targets and mindless bureaucracy. Councils are employing an army of EPC assessors whose entire job will be to ensure compliance with the eco-marxist agenda. This will be achieved with a series of demands, non-compliance fines, court summons and outright bans for repeat 'offenders'.


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This all started with that one eyed financially illiterate cunt Gordy Broon.

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