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Coronavirus Pandemic: EU officials put their principle of free movement of people over saving lives.

Whilst Italy is controlled by an open borders left-wing government, has 11,000 Coronavirus cases and well over 1000 deaths, and is a vector for the spreading across the whole of Europe, Russia, which closed its 2500 mile border back in January, has reported just 20 Coronavirus cases, most of whom were Russians returning from Italy anyway. Most of the victims have recovered and Russia have seen no deaths from the virus. There is no pandemic in Russia at all, virtually Coronavirus free, this is because of the strong and swift action of shutting their borders. Singapore who also closed its borders in January, have passed it’s peak and have virtually halted the spread as well.

In contrast to the success in defeating the virus with strong border controls EU officials were steadfast In their insistence that no border controls would be implemented because maintaining the flow of international traffic and free movement of peoples (one of the EU's 4 pillars) takes precedence over everything, including stopping a global pandemic.

There are still people arriving at major UK airports TODAY from Italy and from other European locations who aren’t being screened for Coronavirus.

Meanwhile the World Health Organisation has made several different statements urging countries not to ‘profile’ due to its 'racist' undertones, despite countries who did profile, like Russia and Hungary, limiting Coronavirus dramatically. The WHO also made numerous statements in which they tried to language-police the words you are allowed to use to describe coronavirus, such as ‘Wuhan Virus’ because this stigmatised some.

It is now clear that the Coronavirus is being politically exploited, which in turn necessitates the constant recycling of hysteria in order to keep fears high.

Once you look passed the hysteria the picture is far more encouraging. The death rate from Coronavirus is lower than what we’ve been lead to believe. The World Health Organisation first claimed death rates were 3.4% but this figure was arrived at simply by dividing the total number of known infections by the total number of deaths. A lot of clever people around the world pointed to this being unreliable as there were likely hundreds, if not thousands, who had not reported their infection, many of which didn't even know they were infected. It was then revised down to 2% and then down again to 1%. However, in every country there are likely to be thousands of people who catch Coronavirus, recover and are never recorded in official numbers. Many of those people will be symptomless or have relatively mild symptoms and recover without ever visiting hospital. So the actual mortality rate is almost certainly much lower than one percent (<1%).

To put this into context, The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that, on average, around 500,000 people die annually across the globe due to the flu. some estimates put the figure at 650,000.

Coronavirus CAN be beaten. Look at the numbers coming out of Singapore, South Korea and even China for guidance. South Korea’s Health Minister says they’ve already passed the peak. The Number of new infections is dropping daily, with a similar story in Singapore which, like the other successful countries combating this virus closed its borders. Also not reported in the mainstream media China has now CLOSED its 16 makeshift hospitals built in Wuhan.

China reports just 17 new cases in Wuhan, the lowest figures since the outbreak started. In China just 0.005 percent of its 1.4 Billion population have been infected with Coronavirus, that’s 1 in 20,000 contracting the CoronaVirus. In contrast around 150 million Chinese would have to contract the Coronavirus illness to reach the same proportion of Americans (10%) who contracted the Flu every year.

Yet, world leaders such as Angela Merkel are saying that it is a foregone conclusion that up to 70 percent of Germans (over 55 million people) will be infected. If this is what they are anticipating then strong measures needed to be taken, like closing borders. No other major countries did expect Russia and Singapore and these are the same countries that have beaten Coronavirus. Slowly, countries are now doing this, but this is too little, too late.

At a certain point panic and hysteria becomes more of a threat to stability than the illness itself. We have seen the hyping of this illness by the mainstream media develop, very rapidly, into mass hysteria. The panic buying of dry goods, hand sanitisers and toilet paper came just hours after the UK's Chief Medical Officer announced on TV that it could be up to 80% of uk people contracting the Virus. Of course people were going to panic, when the media is running constant ‘worst-case-scenario’ stories as fact, people don’t hear anything else, self preservation mode kicks-in.

We really are in the age of hysteria. We saw this over Brexit, and we see it over Climate Change. Politicians and the media fanning the flames of hysteria for political purposes.

We suggest you treat it all with a healthy dose of skepticism because that is the rational response.

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