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We have crashed the economy, taken away people's livelihoods, destroyed the mental health of millions and given ourselves, and our children, a tax burden in the trillions. Yet we have no real understanding of the depth of the problem. We don't know how many people are infected, or how many have been infected and so we cannot possibly know how many people will be infected. The UK Government, and others around the world, are working on assumptions, with little evidence to back them up. Should we destroy the economy for years to come on guesswork?

They know the virus is out there, somewhere, lurking, like a hidden spectre. But rather than find out the depth of the problem, by testing people for the virus AND the antibodies, they've preferred to work from a computer model. And we only have to look at Climate Change predictions and post-Brexit models to know that these, for all their intellectualising, are guess-confirmatory devices.

There are a growing number of scientists and economists who are saying that this is entirely the wrong approach, with some even saying it will cause more damage than the illness itself.

Dr Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford Medical School says there is a way to know the answer to this, not based on prediction, models or assumptions but on actual evidence. That is an antibody test on randomised samples of the population. Antibody tests identify in your blood if you've ever had Covid-19. this is against the test that the UK government and others have deployed which only shows if you currently have the virus. Dr Bhattacharya says; if we know the true number of people who have ever been infected then we can calculate the true case-fatality rate, and how serious Covid-19 really is.

We were expected to give up our freedoms when planes from Milan, Tehran and even Beijing continued to land at UK airports. All flights from these countries should have been stopped weeks ago. It was utter madness not to have stopped flights from every country that reported a case of Covid-19. Globalism be damned, this would have prevented the virus from arriving on this island. Because we failed to take this simple step we have now condemned 68 million people to house arrest.

The Chief medical officer's constant broadcasts seem hollow and somewhat farcical now that the rabbit-in-headlights brainiac has contracted the disease himself. These messages are everywhere, supported with the likes of Channel 4's 'stay at home' text on-screen all the time. Even the first video on itunes is the dead-behind-the-eyes face of Chris Whitty who clearly has not practiced what he's preached. It all seems creepy and downright Orwellian. This Robot is constantly telling us what to do, though clearly not doing it himself, whilst planes touch down at UK airports full of passengers from countries where the infection is running rampant through the population. Where do we get these morons from?

And there are reports every day about how Police forces across the country are completely over reacting with the new powers that they have been given. This has just compounded the problem. A lack of sensible measures coupled with over-zealous authorities and you have created the worst possible scenario.

Lord Sumption, the former Supreme Court Justice has called Coronavirus Response "An hysterical slide into a police stated." He goes on to say "A shameful Police force intruding with scant regard to common sense or tradition. An irrational over-reaction driven by fear"

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