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Coronavirus Hysteria Hits Stock Market

Hysteria around Coronavirus reached fever pitch today as trading on the US Stock Market was suspended following a 7.5% crash in share prices.

People right across the US and UK continue to stockpile goods despite officials saying there is no need. The hysteria has been fuelled by the media, particularly the BBC and CNN whose coverage has been excessive, sensationalist and badly judged.

Sanity Check:

1. The spread of the virus is low, and is less than seasonal flu.

2. The death-rate from Coronavirus is also lower than seasonal flu.

3. In the vast majority of cases it is a mild illness and those infected will either not realise they have it or will recover quickly.

4. It appears to only be a real issue for those with underlying health conditions such as existing heart and lung disease and the elderly.

5. The elderly are most susceptible to the illness, but no more than seasonal flu.

6. Take all sensible precautions, such as keeping your hands clean, but keep calm and carry on.

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