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Coronavirus Death Figures DROP by Over 5000, But Are STILL FALSE

The Department of Health and Social Care has reduced the UK’s death toll by more than 5,000 following a review of how figures are calculated. As of Wednesday 12 August, the number of all deaths in patients testing positive for Covid-19 was 41,329. Earlier government figures said 46,706 people had died in hospitals, care homes and the wider community after testing positive for coronavirus in the UK, as of 5pm on Tuesday.

As we have been reporting for months now, deaths from Coronavirus have been repeatedly and systematically inflated by NHS England to make what is a flu strain appear to be something much worse. In an embarrassing turnaround the government have ‘adjusted’ its figures, now down by over five thousand deaths. This was due to PHE recording anyone who had ever had a Covid-19 test confirmed and later died as being a Covid-19 death. It did not matter what those people actually died from, car-crash, heart-attack, falling from a tall building, if they had a Covid-19 test, they were added to the death statistics. But removing these deaths from the over-all numbers does not mean what remains is accurate. It isn’t even close. This is more likely a way of throwing us off the scent. Like a drug dealer offering up the small bag in his pocket to the police hoping they won’t look further as he has a huge stash in his boot.

An NHS insider who has spent 20 years as a Data Scientist dealing with mortality and recovery rates has told Vision News that the figures are still vastly exaggerated. The insider, who wants to remain nameless, told Vision News “patients dying whilst having Covid-19 in their system are still being counted as Covid deaths, because the medical staff are assuming that things like Pneumonia, Stroke, heart-attacks, kidney failures and so on are all brought on by Covid-19 being in their system, but there's no actual evidence of this, it’s an assumption”. He added “clinicians can become just as susceptible to the hysteria as the rest of us”.

It has also been reported by Vision News previously that there is a ‘cash incentive’ to record deaths as being caused by Coronavirus as high Covid death figures means extra funding from the government. Our NHS source was quick to point out “There was often pressure put on me and my colleagues to ‘adjust’ figures up or down depending on if they wanted more funds or more browny points. I always resisted but I know some of my colleagues would ‘game’ the figures if they thought it was good for their career.” Adding “I suspect that were we to actually look more closely at the deaths about 50% would be wrongly attributed to Covid-19. It’s my professional opinion that the real death-rate from this Virus stands at around 20,000”.

Even without this real adjustment the new figures make for some pretty startling reading. for example 75% of ALL deaths in July recorded as Covid-19 being the cause were FALSE. And whilst those pushing the deadly-plague narrative made vague claims of 65,000 ‘excess deaths’ implying that these too were Covid-19, the truth is that those excess deaths have been caused by the LOCKDOWN, where virtually all treatments for any other illnesses were abandoned by the NHS. Now, Covid-19 is so insignificant that there are actually fewer overall deaths than this time last year. But of course, we aren’t told these facts by the Mainstream Media who appear perfectly happy to take everything the government say about Coronavirus as the gospel truth. A media that has failed to investigate this, or ask any questions at all regarding the authenticity of the ‘science’ fails to do its job and becomes nothing more than a propaganda machine. We’re still being fed lies, and there must be an enquiry into what is, potentially, the biggest fraud in UK history.

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